Android or iPhone?
19 Answers
I prefer Android, because I have more options and customisation options. If one likes to have Things Out of the Box and don't want to bother with decisions/settungs/choices, they might prefer Apple.
Android is the best, I am using it for the last decade. It is more customization options. I am a layman, I have used the root option for multiple customizations like stopping ads on some apps, custom ROM installation, and many more
this is the tech group. if youre on iphone then youre not practicing tech and are just fanboying.
The iPhone 13’s brighter display, longer battery life and powerful cameras make it the best iPhone for the money. But we wish it had faster charging and the iPhone 13 Pro’s adaptive 120Hz display. Mobile App Development Service
Android best!
Android much better than ios
As I belong to a tech background I prefer Android more but in case of security, I can only rely on the iPhone. Even the service of Android apps is better than the iPhone for me
Android for the win!