I am new to this app I want a friend hear....
27 Answers
well ain't we all new so whats new with life as we live!. me Having To feel lonely
anyone here live in VA? i just moved here from MI & know no one.
I'm new here too
I too, I guess it's better to get friend each other
I want a friend
Wtf was the actual point of everyone saying they are new here?
here* not hear. some idiots can't spell for shit
wow, you're an asshole. maybe English isn't their first language.. how many languages do you know?
who's new here~~~~
I'm new to this shit and everybody saying the same shit and still haven't told or explain how this app works
I just moved to Virginia from Michigan an absolutely know no one or anything here. looking to make connections, make memories & have a good time (No expectations! 😋). -JCIII
just joined
eyyy I'm new also . HI