some good advice that's hit you hard?
14 Answers
This is from experience: No matter what you do for someone out of love, if all you keep saying is their sorry or that they're going to change, but their actions don't speak louder than their words, then SHUT them off immediately! They don't appreciate anything you do for them, and their priority will always be themselves, and that's not love. You'll never make that person love you, no matter what they yell you! A narcissist is a narcissist! The lies will never end, and sooner or later, they will completely break you down, simply because they are abusing the love you gave to them. If their priority isn't putting you first, you were never first to begin with! If a person truly loves you, they will do whatever it takes to keep you by their side. True love fights through it all and comes out on top stronger! The users and abusers quit and lie their way through to the next episode.
can't love anybody until you love yourself!
Your mindset is your biggest asset in life. A change in perception or how you view the world can make you feel like you've been blind your entire life
when someone shows you who they really are believe them
show me your 3 closest friends and I'll show you your future
this is the truth!!💋🤗
Real fact, no one who actually loves you is capable of hurting you
"People will treat you however way YOU allow them to. " so simple. so true. #SetBoundaries.
stop dreaming start living
Wording gives people away.