What would you consider a "must know" dance for any Kpop fan?
13 Answers
coming of age ceremony lol
sorry sorry by super junior, always and probably TT by twice haha
BTS: blood sweat and tears Seventeen: Thanks K.A.R.D.: Ride on the wind BigBang: Bang bang bang Red Velvet: Peek A' Boo Twice: What is love Super junior: One more time And the list goes on πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
BTS Fire
Bang Bang Bang- Big Bang Bapsae- BTS Blood Sweat and Tears- BTS Shine- Pentagon Overdose- EXO lo siento- Super Junior
fantastic baby-bigbang
Crown by TxT or Forever Young by BLACKPINK
na haeun : so special bts : graduation txt : cat and dog oneus : valkyire
Save me and i need you-bts Boomboom-seventenn Just right-got7 Ring ding dong-shinne