Has social media made dating better or worse?
15 Answers
worse people feel more secure in cheating or doing dumb shit, or giving up on a relationship for virtually no reason now that there are 1000s of people at their fingertips that offer alleged support when in reality people are just as lonely the illusion of the support being realized as non real makes the depression of the situation that much more intense.
definitely offers more opportunity
worse. People nowadays would hook up just to do it. people disregard others feelings and social media shows how easy people go from one to other. no one heals anymore. So chances of healthy relationship unlikely those people that got hurt end up being the person to inflicting the pain on their next person. people should do unto others what they want done to them. All it does is make people easily accessible.
I feel that social media could make dating better because you can just chat and get to know the person without giving personal information
We cannot stop technology just as much as kids can get digital autism or obsessed with gadgets. But for grown ups, it depends on your own personal goals and strong will.
I believe it's made it a More intimate experience
I don’t know
Worse way way wrose
far,far better.
Both I think