I want to read a lot of books but I don't get time due to my hectic schedule, How much should I read daily?
8 Answers
I listen to audio books when I don't have time to read.
carry them everywhere you go. you'll find a way yourself then
This point is helpful I guess..!! I will work on it and will also subscribe to helpful applications offering audio books / podcasts
listening audiobook much easier then reading book
i try to shoot for 20-30 min either first thing when i wake up or 1hr before bed and every once in a while i get a chance to read over my lunch break. I hope this advice will help you 😊
haha and the good old bathroom readers
Make the time. 24 hours in a day, no excuses
I take the hour long train ride to commute in the morning and afternoon instead of sitting in rush hour traffic.... Read the whole time or watch a documentary!
try like ten minutes a day. either when you first wake up or right before you go to bed