https://homeworklance.com/answers/a-strategy-is-born/ Description A STRATEGY IS BORN Which planning model do you think best rep-resents the events described in this case the rational planning model or logical instrumentalism? Planning is a formal way to strategize on a winning platform and counter challenges that might exist along the process. It involves innovation incorporation which needs not to be limited to organization skills set. Experienced planners provide a platform for knowledge and skillful approach. There are different concepts in planning and the case the events best represented the thoughtful planning. In rational planning model steps are used in planning for an action as it started with alerting of party members then shifted to goals stipulated and set. In goals planning the problem had to be discussed effectively understand the challenge that exists. From the challenges identification goals will be built around to strengthen operations. Among members chosen through the discussions, plans will be formulated based on the policies based on winning wars as according to Washington values. In comparative analysis wars that had taken place will be checked and the report is made available to the board members to come up with a comprehensive strategy and avoid past mistakes while incorporating best ideas (Pojani& Stead, 2016). During my teaching career to prepare students to perform the best during exams it took the meticulous approach from assistance with a rational planning model to come up with the winning strategy. Identification of the weak points was the primary goal then strengthening on what they know best through quizzes. Once a problem is identified to the challenges in student failing, the next process involves assessment of study mode and finally implementation and monitoring of the best policy to ensure massive success.