Bitter Truth about Cloud ERP Software That No Vendor Will Tell You!

Cloud based ERP software is so much in talks these days. Especially the lockdown situation has boosted its sales and made people realize its significance to manifolds. People with cloud based ERP were able to work from home, visualize the entire business situation in just a few clicks and admitted the fact that the only reason they were able to run their business in the Pandemic times was only because of the cloud-based ERP. With so much goodness and benefits of cloud based ERP software, can anyone think of the dark side of cloud ERP software? Probably not! But, there is a drawback too. We all are under the notion that once we have cloud ERP software, we own everything related to the same, the software, the license, the add-ons, and the data too. But the fact is that, once we purchase the software’ license, we own only the software but not the data unless we get clear on the terms on the cloud data with the vendor. The vendor becomes the owner of the data. What Causes this Ownership? Cloud ERP software is hosted on two types of platforms. The first type is a common platform where not just you but many other companies rent the space to host their automation systems. The other is the private one where you are the sole owner of the platform and no one else can rent that space. The first type is obviously cheaper than the other one and thus many small to midsize business leaders prefer to purchase the same because of their budget constraints. But, this lack of ownership of the platform in the long run can prove way too darker than what it sounds. Let’s learn about the same in detail. Drawbacks of Not Purchasing the Private Platform

What all A Reliable ERP Partner Does for You – Know Here!

We all feel the need for having robust and smart ERP software in place. However, when it comes to choosing right ERP software companies and partners, the air gets filled with all the confusions among the number of options available in the market. Also, some companies often feel that they can do better without any ERP partner and can take care of the technical and other functionalities themselves. If you are also one among the group of people who are in dilemma about being in relationship with ERP software companies and hiring them basic ERP services, then this blog is for you. ERP software companies not just help you in purchasing the ERP software as per your need but also support you in your basic IT and other support services as required. If you are already in partnership with some ERP hosting company and not seeing these traits of support and other services, then you’re probably in the wrong partnership and should reconsider your decision. For all others, who are willing to know what all a right and reliable ERP partner can do; read below. ERP Partner Helps You Buy ERP License Of course, you only will give the money for the software purchase, but the direction to buying the right license and the number of users you should include at the beginning is being guided by the right ERP partner only. The partner will help you understand your needs and will align your requirements with the right purchase. ERP Partner will Help You Change your Current Plan

Pharma leaders get Ready to Face the High Demand

Pharma industry right from its existence to the current scenario has been serving best and faces high demand no matter what the situation is. Even in the current situation where the whole world was under lockdown, the pharma industry was still serving day and night. It is because of this reason that pharma is considered to be one of the essential services. But, how come an even more demand has been forecasted and the pharma industry has been told to be prepared for the same? What is causing the High Demand for Drugs? The answer is the relaxation in the lockdown. Even when the nationwide lockdown and curfew were announced the numbers of Coronavirus cases were rising. But, now, the lockdown has been relaxed and almost all the activities including salon, shopping markets, transportation, etc. has been reopened. That means the probability of people catching infection will now increase thousand times more. A study is predicting that by the end of July, almost half of the nations’ population will get infected by COVID-19. Hence, the more the number of cases will rise, the more would be the demand for the medical and drug supply. Thus, this is really a very critical time for the pharma leaders to pull up their socks and get ready to deal with the high demand and supply for drugs and other medical tools. How to Combat this Pressure? The only way to keep up the standard and quality of the manufactured drugs while ensuring the optimum supply speed and quantity of the batches prepared is via ERP software. Efficient ERP software, like SAP Business One with industry-specific ERP Modules can help you deal with the high need and demand for the pharmaceuticals.

6 Key Areas That an ERP Software can Automate

SAP Business One has its usage in almost all industry verticals. This ERP software can automate the vital business functions and streamline every activity of the business. Trusted by 60,000 customers worldwide, this is a proven and established ERP which is simplifying the lives of business users with its amazing capabilities. As we know it can help sales, procurement, production, and other departments. But, this software has some key capabilities that benefit other key business areas too. We will talk about those key functional areas which ERP can automate and which are less talked about. 1) Finance, Accounting, filing GST returns Every organization benefits from SAP Business One by automating their tedious tasks of processing payroll, closing books, filing tax and filing GST returns. All financial activities within an organization can be automatically triggered within the software. Further, it also automates key accounting processes such as general ledger, journal entries, accounts receivables, accounts payable in real-time thus saving tons of time and effort. Plus. the precision level is quite high leaving no rooms for delays and errors. 2) Customer Service Gain a better understanding of your customers with the real-time insights given by the software. You can dive deeper into each customer record and provide them a better experience by knowing their purchase history or other vital information. Better insights would mean happier customers. Further, your sales team can scan information faster and keep their customers contented by having the real-time data they need it anytime and anywhere. 3) Supply Chain Management