What is new for e-Commerce Businesses with iOS 13 updates?

Ever since the launch of iPhone back in 2007 by Tim Cook, Apple has been setting up new standards for the mobile devices. From touch screen to camera and what not- the advent of iPhone is considered to be a big turning point in the field of technology. This year’s annual convention was no different. WWDC 2019 recently summed up with some huge announcements for the iOS device owners. While the new version adds up a few features that we had been longing for long, there were more surprises to be revealed. Held at McEnery Convention Centre in California, thousands of developers across the globe had an open-end interaction with the Apple Engineers, their foresightedness and their future goals for more customer-eccentric technologies. The new updates with iOS 13 have not only elated the immediate user base but also the ios App developers from every corner of the Globe. They now have new demands to work on, new gaps to fill in and everything needs to be done in a more future-oriented approach. It is easier said than done, as every new OS update brings up new challenges for the app development agencies. In this article, we will learn the two major features introduced in iOS 13 and how the iOS app developers can make the best out of them. Dark Mode: Needless to say this, but Dark Mode is something Mobile users have been asking for a long time. And who could have come with a solution, if not iOS? iOS 13 now comes with a dark mode where users can access their mobile for longer hours without straining their eyes much.
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The Significance of Spoken English

When it comes to the language of English, it is quite tough to understand English when spoken than in written form. This is normal as speech is a continuous form, where there is no pause in between words, and it gets tough to understand new terminology. Also, at times people tend to speak very fast, and in certain accents which make it tough to understand the language. There are a lot of institutes that offer Spoken English coaching in Jalandhar and these are really helpful. Vocabulary is even tougher, especially if you have to listen to audio content and learn. For instance, on hearing a new word, you might have to guess the spelling and look it up in a dictionary and for this purpose, you might have to pause the recording. This is at times very inconvenient and impossible. When it comes to learning spoken English, it is recommended that you get enrolled in the institutes that offer Spoken English Coaching in Jalandhar. The benefits of a coaching institute are: 1. The institutes teach you how to understand speech. People speak in many accents and the accent overpowers the vocabulary and language. This makes it tough for others to understand what the person speaks. Many people speak very fast and this might be unclear. A good institute has excellent faculty who train you in the language and conduct many speaking classes which involve interaction with others in English. 2. The institutes also provide a lot of audio content. You can listen to these records and try to understand informal English. Informal English is spoken by people in everyday situations in contrast to the kind of English used in books, newspapers, etc., which is formal. Informal English teaches you informal vocabulary, delaying expressions, correcting expressions, qualifying expressions, and many everyday phrases.