Magnesium Supplement to Beat The Winter Blues

Winter Blues and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) The darker days of fall and winter is often associated with darker moods. If you experience mild symptoms of lack of energy, concentration problems, reduced libido, irritability and overeating which leads to weight gain — you might suffer from a sub-syndromal form of SAD called the winter blues. It may affect as many as 10 to 20% of the population; especially young females who live far from the equator (1). When your symptoms are interfering with your daily functions, it might be more than the winter blues — you could be suffering from depression. “ The way we diagnose SAD is to diagnose depression that follows a seasonal pattern”, says Kelly Rohan, Ph.D., professor of psychological science at the University of Vermont, Burlington (). Most people will experience SAD symptoms in the winter — starting in the fall and lasting until spring. Melatonin and Serotonin The reduction in sunlight in winter can alter your levels of two important chemicals in the brain: melatonin (which regulates sleep) and serotonin (which regulates your mood). Melatonin brings your energy levels down to prepare you for sleep; an increase of melatonin may lead to a lower mood. Serotonin, on the other hand, is often called the happy chemical due to its relation with a sense of wellbeing and happiness. Too much melatonin and not enough serotonin have been found in people who suffer from depression.
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