Why is React Native the future of mobile app development?

React Native mobile app has become the most frequently used platform for creating dependable software for start-ups, and it could be an excellent platform for creating complicated, excellent applications. Furthermore, people intending to launch a business often employ React Native mobile apps since this simplifies interacting with many customers and builds their brand amid rivals in the industry. The most popular cross-platform tool for creating mobile applications is React Native. According to Statista, 42% of programmers and competent application developers use this platform worldwide. Moreover, many professional teams and freelancers choose to React Native app development for start-ups. Due to its vast popularity and qualities, it has become a reliable construction. Why is React Native So Popular? Let us examine the factors that make React Native the most widely used mobile app development framework. As one of the reasons, Facebook published it after conducting extensive testing on their smartphone app. 1)Single Coding — With React Native, you can create a codebase compatible with Native Java and Swift. As a result, the program runs seamlessly on iOS and Android via a bridge-like system that communicates between the UI components and native elements. The lack of synchronization between functionalities and designs accelerates development significantly.