Ghostbusters Review

Yep. Im covering this one. This ones long overdue so lets get through this. A LOT of people are hating on this movie before they even see it. Why? I understand that Ghostbusters is a classic and the trailers leading up to this movie were not very good… but dear God give it a chance. When I told my dad and my boyfriend that I was going to see it, they rolled their eyes at me saying goodluck. They havent even seen it. People criticize this movie for being awful when they dont even know if its even good or bad to begin with. Well, I did see it. I have experienced it. And what do I think of it? Lets take a look. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD First, a little background. When the trailer was first shown, I did roll my eyes. Some of it was okay, but a lot of it was really bad. That trailer did NOT make a very good impression. About a month before the movie was going to be released, I started to think whos behind this whole thing?. Low and behold the director and co-writer Paul Feig who directed Bridesmaids, The Heat, Spy, several episodes of Arrested Development, Parks and Rec and many more (all of which are successful movies and shows). He also created the amazing TV show Freaks and Geeks before it was unfortunately cancelled. His co-writer for Ghostbusters is Kathie Dippold who also co-wrote The Heat with Feig and writes episodes of Parks and Rec. Thats not all. Guess whos one of the executive producers? Dan Akyroyd, one of original Ghostbusters. All 3 of these gave me a little sigh of relief that just maybe this movie would be okay, despite it being a remake. And did it? Lets find out. The good. Yes, there is good in this movie. 1. The Characters. The new, female cast are actually pretty good. They parallel well from the original cast while being their own characters. Abby Yates is just a lovable dork whos confident of herself and of her research. She has never given up on her scientific research nor her beliefs on ghosts. When reminiscing on high school, Erin says that (something along the lines of) "no one wanted to hang out with us because we were losers", but Yates retorts "no, they didnt wanna hang out with us because our ghost stories were too scary and we were too awesome." She is just so overflowing with self-confidence that I love it! Erin Gilbert was Yates's best friend and fellow ghost researcher until she gave up the game when she felt disillusioned. Until Gilbert and Yates come across a real ghost, Gilbert gets her mojo back as well as her belief in ghosts. She's intelligent, awkward, and has a need to prove herself, but she eventually grows during the movie to become more confident in herself and less of a need to prove anything. Her character is relatable: an insecure loner who grows into a confident friend. Then theres Jillian Holtzmann...I fucking loved her. She cracked me up. Shes the Spengler of the group, but with her own twist of Spengler. While Spengler was more stoic and rigid (in a hilarious way), Holtzmann is bizarre and eccentric. She dances with fire, she always has this crazy smile on her face like a mad genius, and she just keeps popping out inventions like no tomorrow. Of all 4, shes my favorite. And now Patty. For some reason, people are saying a lot of bad things about this character and this actress on Twitter....I liked her. She had a good character and I liked the actress. She was fine...and she had a purpose, but Ill get to that part later. As for her character, she was funny, sarcastic, and provided non-scientific gibberish that the audience understood. She provided a sense of normalcy. While 3 of the ghostbusters are scientists, she was working for the MTA. However, she is also very knowledgable, knowing all about New York City. She knew what places had hauntings or what had a lot of deaths; Patty knew the historical events of NYC that the other girls didnt. Then theres Rowan, the villain. Hes socially awkward and an unappreciated genius who found solace in ghosts. His scheme to open a portal to release the ghosts into our world to wreck havoc and command them is pretty genius, especially in the way that he plans it. Hes really creepy. Yeah its obvious when you see him that hes the villain, but he still gives you shivers. The guy oozes coo-coo-for-coa-coa-puffs. Hes the Villian that was always underestimated, but once he got power, by only did he become confident, he became devious and bold, much less socially awkward. Hes very power-crazed. And of course, the cameos by the original ghostbusters themselves! I will not give away how they appear because you have to see them yourselves. What I will say is that how they appear in this movie is very clever and not at all insulting. They get some very good lines in and when you see them, youre jumping in your seat in excitement. I was laughing hysterically when Dan Akyroyd's cameo popped in. 2. The Writing. The writing here is actually really good. It mixes in the origin of the ghostbusters of the original movie while at the same time making this movie its own, giving it its own plot, its own Villian, and its own evil mission. The last movie only threatened to take over New York, here the ghosts actually DO take over New York! They cause mayhem and destruction! They put in a few nostalgic moments of ghostbusters past to make us appreciate the old film, but it also shows us that it can make it as a stand-alone movie. Its got a good plot and a good twist! I liked it. Another thing I really wanna talk about that I left up there is about Patty. In the original Ghostbusters, Winston joined the team in the 2nd half of the 2nd act, and we never know his character. He is never truly given a purpose. For what reason was he thrown into the plot for? So there would be 4 ghostbusters up against Zule? Thats kind of a halfass move. Hes often known as the "overlooked ghostbuster" and it shows. I rewatched this movie a week before seeing the new one...and I had to look up his name for this review. But you know whos name I do remember? Patty. Why? Because her role as the 4th ghostbuster had purpose. She was introduced in the 1st act, she was along for the ride the whole way through, she got the girls a car to use, and she had knowledge of NYC that actually helped them. She had a purpose in this film that Winston didnt in his film. So this is a BIG fix that I really liked. People are hating on this character because she isnt a scientist and that she was useless. 1) so what? Winston wasnt a scientist either, oh but youre not gonna hate on him right? 2) she wasnt useless. She was in the entire movie, she had historic knowledge of the city, some funny lines, got them a vehicle to use, and she fought along side them always! What more do you want from her? What hurts more is that people are verbally attacking the actress, Leslie Jones, and she has said that "you know, people are really hurting my feelings and I wish they would stop all the hate." That really gets me, as someone who was bullied online and in person. Its a movie, people, dont take it to heart, and especially dont take it out on this actress.

The Last Witch Hunter Review

We've had successful fantasy-action movies such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Pan's Labyrinth, The NeverEnding Story, etc. Then you have terrible fantasy-action movies that really think they can measure up like Van Helsing, Dungeons and Dragons, Hansel and Gretal: Witch Hunters, and Twilight. Guess which pile "The Last Witch Hunter" is going into? I knew from the title how bad this film was gonna be, but after watching it....Jesus Christ did I need a mercy killing. Spoilers Ahead!!! This movie was requested by @mcbubbles. Took me god knows how long, but I finally managed to find it and watch it....and I will never be able to unsee it. Before we start, I would like to address something. The director, Breck Eisner, is actually a pretty decent director. So, I don't completely blame him for this movie. This is more on the writers. Who are the writers? Cory Goodman, who wrote a movie bomb called "The Priest" and...Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. You may recognize these two dimwits as the "geniuses" behind "Dracula Untold" and "Gods of Egypt". If you've seen either one of these movies, then you know we are in terrible danger here. So the good stuff.....um.....? 1) Visuals. Yeah a couple of the visuals were actually pretty nice to look at. Like the first scene in the icy mountains, it's a brutal snowy mountain, but it's a nice setup. I actually thought that it was a good scene and that this might turn out to be a good movie...I was wrong but, there were a few times that the visuals were pretty good. Like when a boy follows a trail of gummy bears (yeah it sounds stupid but magic and stuff) and he finds this gummy bear tree. That's a nice visual. It's colorful and it looked enchanting, very magical. Some of the CGI was actually quite impressive. Like in Chloe's bar, were there's some kind of sparkly magic stuff for I don't know why but it's still looks nice. Some of the magic looks pretty good. I'll give the movie that, the visuals look good. 2) This One Joke. So this witch is accused of killing the 36th Dolan and is brought before this council of...good witches...magic users...people??? Idk but they can use magic too somehow. They're the council that the main character Kaulder, played by Vin Diesel (we'll get to that later, folks), works for called the Axe and Cross, and boy do they look ridiculous. The accused witch took the words right out of my mouth. "You look like an 80s rock band" "I mean look at your hair...and your clothes". I don't know why, but I had to pause the movie because I started cracking up. It wasn't that funny, but it was the only thing in this movie that genuinely made me laugh. I genuinely hoped that they wouldn't kill him because he was honest to god the best comic relief.

Finding Dory Review

First, I apologize once again for being a day late. I wasn't feeling very well. I have chronic migraines and while I do have medications for them, they don't go away completely, so when I have an episode, it gets really bad to the point where I need to be in complete darkness with a towel on my forehead and eyes and take a nap. They even get so bad that they make me nauseous and I "get sick". The medications are keeping them at bay, but they still come back sometimes. It's a work in progress. So anyway! The sequel that both fans and Ellen DeGeneres have been annoying the studios for has finally been brought forth! Im not gonna lie, Ive been both excited and scared for this movie. Sequels can either be the cherry on top (ex: Toy Story 2 and 3) or the kiss of death (ex: pretty much every Disney sequel). So how did this film do? Lets find out. SPOILER-FREE REVIEW!!!! SAFE ZONE!!! The good stuff: 1.The Story/ Writing. Everything just flows. Theres a connection between words or visuals that gives Dory a memory. She gets closer and closer to remembering what happened in her past amidst all the excitement! In the last movie, Marlin and Nemo were the main characters while Dory was the major character/sidekick; this time, its the other way around and justly so. Dory risked everything and did her best to help Marlin reunite with his son, now its time to return the favor.

My Top Ten Favorite Animes!

Guess what today is? June 15! Which is my birthday!!! And since it's my birthday I've decided to change things up. Instead of a review, I'm going to do a top 10. I remember a while back during the 29 Days of Marvel that someone wondered what animes I liked (I think it was because I did my top 10 list of favorite movies) so I decided to share just that: these are my Top Ten Favorite Animes! 10. Case Closed Now "Case Closed". I love crime-dramas with interesting characters with a plot twist....this definitely fits archetype that. Story: Shinichi is a 17-year-old detective who gets in over his head when he follows 2 suspicious men. The men attempt to kill him by giving him a poison made by their private organization, but rather than kill him, it turns him into a child! He gets taken in by his best friend, Ran, whose father is a bad detective while the child-looking Shinichi goes under the name Conan and secretly helps solves Ran's father's cases without either of them knowing, all the while trying to get his body back to its old self and take down the organization which turns out to be bigger than he possibly ever could've imagined! I'm not gonna lie, I've only ever seen up to 270 something episodes and there's ALOT more! I started watching this about 5 years ago and when there wasn't anymore English sub content, I decided to wait until more came out. Weeks and weeks went by and there was still nothing, so I moved on to other anime a until it came out, unfortunately, I forgot all about "Cased Closed" by the time the subs came out and I am WAY behind. I will eventually catch up, but until then, I still love this series and from what I understand, it's still freakin going! Jesus Christ! I love the characters, the scenarios, the crimes and how they're enacted! I don't know if any of these crimes could actually hold up or if certain things would slide, but it's still really cool. My only con would be that this show still doesn't have an ending and I still haven't caught up yet so I really hope this wraps up soon. However, I still urge you guys to watch it. 9. Inuyasha I started this in high school and I loved it! Of course it took forever...for both the manga and the anime, but I managed. Story: 15-year-old Kagome ends up traveling back in time in the feudal era where she is chased by a power hungry demon after a jewel in Kagome's body. Kagome ends up awakening the half-demon, Inuyasha, who helps her vanquish the demon, but she also ends up shattering the jewel from her body and it spreads all over feudal Japan and now the duo must travel to find all the pieces! I love the fantasy and adventure mixed in with the historical elements! The characters are also interesting. The chemistry between Sango and Miroku! And of course, the relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome is, of course, very strong and you yelling at the book (or screen, whichever you prefer) for them to kiss! Which btw, THANK YOU GOD for the anime! *spoilers* Because in the manga, they never fucking kiss!!! Not once!!! It was frustrating! I mean, come on! At least, in the anime summer finale they gave the fans what they've been wanting, a kiss from our beloved couple. Now I'm not gonna lie, where there's pros, cons come with it. Cons like Kagome being a whiney little bitch. Yeah she can be VERY annoying and selfish at times, but given the situation she's put in, I don't entirely blame her, plus Inuyasha pushes her buttons too often. He's a guy and guys tend to do dumb things. There's also that freaking Kikyo! I have a love-hate relationship with this character. There are times where I'm sympathetic, but most times where I want her to fucking die!!! This is Kagome's past life? What a bitch! Seriously. You just need to either read the manga or watch the series because I cannot begin to describe how I feel about Kikyo! Fucking Kikyo! 8.Sailor Moon/Crystal

Spawn Review

Spawn, a movie "based" off the comics....and I use that term loosely because...well let's just get this crap over with. I'm not going to lie, I read some of the comic, I did my best. I read what I could find online and from my cousins because I never read Spawn (please don't kill me). But I read what I could so I could compare to the film. This review was requested by @LadyLuna. Sorry this one took so long. I've been trying to find it online. Girl...do you hate me? Because why? Just why? This movie....the acting....the effects....my eyes....my poor, poor eyes!!!! 😭😭😭 Note: This is a biased review. This all my own opinion. If you differ from what I think, thats fine. Everyone has their own perception. The good. 1. Costumes & Makeup. If there's one good thing that came out of this movie it was the SOME of the costumes and the makeup. Look at Spawn! He looks pretty damn good! His messed up faced that looks like he's been through the Fires of Hell and back! Then his Knight of Hell costume looks pretty badass (minus the atrocious CGI cape). I've gotta say, he looks pretty intimidating. This is the one thing that works for this movie...too bad it couldn't save it. 1. The Story. I don't even know where to start. It's all over the place. Al Simmons is an assassin who know longer wants to be an assassin, but is betrayed by his boss, Jason Wynn, who is just weird (we'll get to him later). Simmons goes to Hell where he meets the Devil and is told to lead his army. If Simmons fails, he'll die. Dude, did you forget that he's already dead? Will he be deadER? That makes no sense. And Simmons coming for Wynn where he shows off his "badassery" to him. Wynn is persuaded by Violator to install some sort of device to trigger a bomb/plague/disease that I still can't follow because I have no idea what's at risk here should he die somehow. Violator plots for Spawn aka Simmons to kill Wynn for this to happen but Spawn doesn't have to be the one to kill him. Anyone can. Hell, Violator can just do it. So really there's no reason for this "plan". Then when Spawn needs to learn how to properly learn his powers from Cogliostro....for 2 minutes!!! Seriously? Not even a training montage?! A little practice wouldn't hurt, buddy. What if Katara from Avatar only practiced one move? She'd be useless and wouldn't be a waterbending master! Don't even get me started on when they get to Wanda's house! When Spawn uses his hell powers to somehow (use horrible cgi) take out the device that would kill people with disease or something (still don't follow) that would apparently start the apocalypse and then they all get reduced into Hell. My god, NOTHING MAKES SENSE!!!!

OUAT Convention!!!

Yesterday, I went to the "Once Upon A Time" Convention in Whippany, NJ and it was awesome. Lee Arenberg aka Grumpy, was the MC introducing the cast and playing along with the he and every once in a while (he plays a mean harmonica). First, we had Eion Bailey (August Boothe), Sinqua Walls (Lancelot), and Robbie Kay (Peter Pan). Most questions were for Robbie, but there was a lot of fun onstage. Ex: when Eion was talking about shipping, the audience started flipping out and Robbie was like "see what you did? It's all keywords. Watch. 'Shipping' *screams* 'Lana' *screams* 'SwanQueen' *screams* Look at what you've done!" It was hilarious. Also, someone asked Eion who would be August's love interest and he said Granny πŸ˜‚! He even thought of the ship name "Old Leather!" Lee Arenberg joined Michael Coleman (Happy) for a Q&A. Coleman is also an atheistic director at an acting school in Canada which is pretty damn cool! Coleman was also asked about a love interest and he also expressed interest in Granny lol. When he heard about "OldLeather" he said "perhaps a rivalry shall be born". Then low and behold, Beverly Elliot (Granny) herself came out and gave one of the best panels ever. A fan told her about "OldLeather" where she responded with "I'M old?" "At least I'm getting hot stuff." Then a fan told her about Happy and she was cool with that too. Then another fan came and asked who would she go for. Her answer? "You know what? I hear Geppetto's single." Best answer ever! Elliot was also asked to sing a few bars of a Disney song of her choosing (furthering the push for a musical episode) which she did. She sang flawlessly btw! Sean Maguire (Robin Hood) and Rebecca Mader (Zelena) came out separately but they were both still so much fun. Sean Maguire was hilarious! My most memorable moment of him was when he was talking about his archery "skills" he was so excited about getting the role of Robin Hood that the one thing he forgot was actual archery. So his first day on set, he met a photographer who saw him failing to pretend to shoot and arrow and told that she was an archer as well as a photographer and offered to teach him a few tricks. Then Rebecca Mader took the stage and answered some questions. Turns out she's a fan of FRIENDS (who isn't?), Greys Anatomy, and Game of Thrones (as if I couldn't love her enough lol). One of my favorite questions asked of her was what other role did she have that she liked better that OUAT? Her response was that as much as she like her other roles, OUAT is her favorite and loves her role as Zelena as its very challenging and slowing changing.

I Graduated!!!!

Redapple615 here and....It's official everyone. Today I got my Bachelors Degree in Cinema Production! I'm an official college graduate. With everything going on. I forgot to share it with you guys. So while it's still June 2nd, today is still my commencement date! I officially have a degree that allows me to be analyze film and officially call myself a film critic lol!!! Now I don't actually have the degree on me. That won't be available for a few months, but once they send me the letter to pick it up, I'll be sure to share it with you guys! @shannonl5 @RyanOgg @MichaelOgg @amobigbang @LAVONYORK @ShinigamiSan @buddyesd @dominika @Lescobedo @MyAffairWith @Marichel @MarvelTrashCan @CandaceJordan @mellyortiz @BecasFlowers @Chocomayne @AshCrimson @OctoberHymns @jazziejazz @ThePervySage @MikeCro @arnelli @Krystalstar22 @gatorchick96 @GossamoKewen95 @ChildOfSparda13 @JustinMims21 @kuzuri96 @Captpeter @kneelb4zod @MoisEsGaray @sammsosa @InPlainSight @anonymousbean @BrunoDutch @RaulGamboa @PrinceCampbell @CreeTheOtaku @VioLence @JonPatrickHyde @DerrickAldana @Silver925 @nenegrint14 @GrowingArt @Lushisushi @LenaBlackRose @sarahpjane @Danse @CalebOrr @CadoAngelus @Jelloston @BelleofRay @DaiGakuSei @EasternShell @Awesomeperson @SamTheMallow @DarthRevan @MichelleHolly @LadyLuna @KennethKalgren @zwdodds @AdekolaOmole @DustinAtkinson @Boggleman @AshelyJewell @TonyjJohnson771 @NickDiaz @TensaZangetsu98 @ellias777 @Raavaan @trickyfinger @EstefanOlivares @JimTurpen @Danse @BeannachtOraibh @AkashBhojraj @ComicGeek94 @wolpht @SparkRIDE @shelbiisonfire @HaleValkyrie @AllieGrabowski @AleciaReedy @gabrielpgalindo @TwiztidSpider @RaquelArredondo @TiffanyPerez @DavidPap @ItsMeSlim @culversyanne @JonPatrickHyde @nenegrint14 @TiffanyWallace @Lushisushi @nberry1620 @humairaa @Thatperson512 @RositaGamboa @Ensuno @ButterflyBlu @ReadAnimateSwim @jennygirl @ChosenKnight @CloeySuess @bluerose101 @LadyExperiment @GinTenma @LilMcGriddle18 @CristelaLoz @Starbell808 @shantalcamara @GinnaL13 @Beeplzzz @Jak91 @DianaBell @ALEXCAMACHO @KathyGarcia @MelissaGarza @AlexAckerman @Melodicballoon @TravisCobbs @RogueLeigh @cardboardart @KaiTakashima @jevonlowery @DanRodriguez @JJthealphamale @NobleKnight151 @KingGummy @jeffpeterrutan @Bakuman247 @AnnaDodd @GeraldIngraham @ArcticFox95 @ScriptedSoldier @SydneyHogg @OrionMasters @twistedreaper6 @bud113 @SamSpangler @ChaoticJae @FannyWard @SamratGolhar @MarshallLeeXD @AlidaGarman @Chrisingularis @RobynHope @ChristopherKenn @AlexMoreno @ChrisTheMage @AlanOakley @Ticasensei @Nicco15 @JacobLollar @AliciaScherrer @SeintoSeiya @DaltonColeman @merryjayne13 @JakeErter @AcaciaNguyen @TehDL @VeronicaArtino @mcbubbles @aabxo @MajahnNelson @TessStevens @Sara3 @Melodicballoon @zwdodds