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I just found this latest article on Kanye West and his apology to Beck. We have all been discussing it here and giving our opinions. As more continues to unfold I am sure we will have more opinions. I would have thought before behaving as he did he would have known all the music and would have had a better informed opinion being a music mogul. I'll simply state that to be respected you must also respect others. And oopsy Kanye seems to lack respect for others in the music industry who whether he feels they are or not the fans and the industry have determined they are the best either for the award at that time or in general. Taylor Swift, Beck and who by the way has been around a lot longer and is well respected by the industry and his fans especially for his genre, and Bruno Mars well he is well beyond the talents of Kanye West! I do like that the interview questions if Kanye is changing? Well, I hope so and for the better. I really like and appreciate Kanye and have since he was young. But I am over this fiasco. Time for everyone to move onto a new story line! This is now old news! Here is the story from NBC online: The softer side of Kanye West? Rapper breaks down in tears during interview. Published by: Ree HinesTODAY contributor 18 hours ago When Kanye West feels strongly about something, he doesn't hold back. Just ask Taylor Swift. (Or Beck.) But not every strong emotion from the rapper results in a controversial outburst.

Ladies I have to ask? What!

I was reading the NBC news online when this article popped up about various plastic surgery procedures and I just had to read it! One new fad was quite disturbing to me. Some people look fine with a little nip or tuck here or there granted! I am not against or for any procedures what I am for is that a person feels good about themselves. Sometimes feeling good about oneself may require a little help on the outside to meet today's so called standardized looks if that is what makes someone happy and feel good about themselves. I will say these Stars are making a fortune off their well let's just say "freak" bodies that a normal person will never have nor did they without a lot of expensive surgery. The Stars created these looks for a reason. Their own market niche and most likely their own lack of self esteem and needing attention. I just think we as women may want to remember that these are our only bodies. We can take better care of ourselves through a healthier lifestyle of healthy eating, exercise and loving ourselves. If that still isn't good enough to help us feel better about ourselves well then there is the old fashioned way! Try the latest hairstyles or wigs, new clothes, new or permanent makeup, and hey there are a lot of Spanx stuff out there that will give you a big butt smaller waist, stomach, thighs and bras that we all know will do a lot of false advertising and add several cup sizes! Wow! Look at all the options out there that are not invasive and don't put someone's life at risk! Again, it is just a option. The one thing in this entire article that really threw me and I found disturbing was that women once having had Brazilian waxes suddenly noticed their lady parts. Worse they felt insecure about them and had plastic surgery to remove some of them to an extent. Yet it made things uncomfortable to put it politely. Maybe I am old at 52 or maybe I am ahead of the curve I am not sure. I have never had a Brazilian wax. Personally, I have been shaving my underarms, all my leg from ankle to all the lady part areas since I was 10 years old. I can't be the only one who has any idea what the lady parts look like! Everyone has to tinkle right? Can no one at least feel them or see the slightest? I mean come on! Is this the most ridiculous thing ever? Has the women become so square? Prudeish? Uptight? Is it about our bodies, our lady parts only, sex? I just have to ask how is it possible? Why not just leave the lady parts alone why have them surgically altered? In my mind that is beyond crazy! Isn't that called self mutilation or worse?


I will try out this new way of doing a card! Simply follow the Steps as the Pictures show attached! Remember any of your seasonal fresh or frozen veggies can be added! I love green red yellow peppers, onions, asparagus, squash, zucchini, mushrooms. I add more during veggie season which makes this a great breakfast lunch or dinner and healthy! Add anything else you prefer like any sort of cheese or meats and Viola! You're the creator so enjoy what you like in your eggs! Use any of your favorite seasonings to taste as you cook! I simply sprinkle a little in to taste! You can always add more after they are cooked! Remember to flip before they burn! This may he the toughest skill invovled! I bake fresh bread to go with it as well! I sometimes make this into a sandwich for breakfast! Total cooking and prep times vary depending on what you put in and if you like your veggies more crunchy or sautéed? Just try not to burn the eggs!
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Models - Inspiration: Conchita Wurst at Golden Globes 2015

Conchita Wurst at the Golden Globes. Photo: Getty Images When Conchita Wurst hit the red carpet a moment ago in a belted green velvet gown with exposed lingerie, there was a moment of pause among our editors. After all, she is not your average-looking starlet. However our market editor, a born and bred Brit, knew right away. “She won the Eurovision Song Contest!,” she yelled from across the room. Last May, Conchita (born Tom Neuwirth) captivated all of the EU when she belted out the James Bond theme song, “Rise Like a Phoenix,” amid a stage exploding with glitter and took home top prize at the European music contest. (The drag star represented Austria.) Since then she has become a bit of a fashion obsession. She has already been photographed in her lingerie by Karl Lagerfeld for CR Fashion Book, and also walked in Jean Paul Gaultier’s autumn/winter couture show. In CR, she talked about identity and the challenges faced when embracing drag versus becoming transgendered. “[Being transgender] is very serious business; it’s a life within itself, so you mustn’t confuse the two. I always get the question, why the beard? And I think the beard, for me, has so many reasons and so many meanings, but at the end of the day, I want to show that you can achieve anything, that you can have a beautiful life with any kind of look, because the way you look isn’t the most important thing in life. It doesn’t matter.” We’re happy to see Conchita hit Hollywood. We can only imagine this means we’ll be seeing a lot more of her very soon! Source: