Bikanervala: Dubai's Trusted Online Sweet Shop

Dubai is one of the most diverse global cities, where people from all over the world gather for business and leisure. Thereby, international cuisine has become one of the essential elements of Dubai's heritage. And a large number of Indian diaspora in the city means Indian cuisine has a veritable presence in this middle-eastern dream city. Bikanervala is one such Indian online sweet shop in Dubai, and has a physical address as well. If you are looking for a good vegetarian restaurant in Dubai we can surely help you out with our extensive menu list and special services. The name tells it all, we offer a taste of India's most famous namkeen and sweets, from the north-western city of Bikaner. Our wholesome meals are prepared using the best ingredients from Rajasthan, Gujarat, West Bengal and South India. Delicacies such as chaats, samosas and kachoris are served under our quick snacks menu, or you can choose to have a full meal that includes delicacies prepared from cheese (paneer), pulses (dals) and other green veggies along with Indian breads. Once you have had your fill, you can go for an Indian dessert to top off the experience. Our Online Sweet Shop menu includes rasgullas, rasmalai, dry fruit chakkar, kaju burfi, khoya Birdi and much much more. Of course, we cannot list each and every item in this post but we do promise that you will be spoilt for choice once you visit us at Bikanervala. There is one delicacy however which we would like to highlight, and that's our signature Moon ki Daal ka Halwa. Halwa is a very popular homemade dessert in India, and have a mouth-watering aroma about them. The same is true for our speciality dish and once you have had it, you will surely be coming back for more. The dish has been our signature menu item since the inception of Bikanervala brand in Indian food capital Delhi. Apart from our online sweet shop, we also have a catering service for the Indian community living in Dubai, and by and large for everybody who loves Indian food. Ours is one of the most affordable Indian catering services in Dubai, and we have several rate plans to fit your budget. We offer catering services for private parties, weddings, and corporate events. Our snack menu is not restricted to Indian food only as we also have Chinese and Continental snack available, albeit with an India twist. We also have quality bakery items and you can select live food stalls if budget is not a constraint. And lastly, ordering from our sweet shop online in Dubai has become much more easier with our web portal, where you can browse through the menu and select the items you want by adding them to your cart. Our online payment gateway support several payment instruments such as credit cards, debit cards and internet banking. After you successfully place your order, we call you to intimate the estimated time of delivery and you can leave any specific instructions for us to follow when delivering your order. If you are craving for some homely Indian Restaurant in Dubai, visit us now or place your order now at our sweet shop, online.

Indian Food Hubs in Dubai are Rapidly Gaining Popularity

Good food is like a magnet for people. It always brings people from diverse backgrounds, nations and cultures together. Bikanervala is one of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai. Offering traditional tastes from the land of namkeen, Bikaner – an erstwhile princely state in the western deserts of India. The journey of our restaurant from being a sweet shop in its hometown to the Indian capital Delhi to Dubai is nothing short of wonderful. And as with any memorable journey, and such a long one at that, we have gathered countless admirers and food patrons along the way. Over the years Dubai has emerged as a global city and a hub for middle eastern politics. The city also handles a significant number of air traffic and cargo every year. This has attracted people from the Indian sub continent here, for business, work and leisure purposes. If you are yearning from some Desi food while visiting Dubai, we offer the best Indian Food in Dubai. The Bikanervala offers an extensive menu of Indian delicacies and snacks, needless to say we bring it all with the peppy taste of Bikaner's renowned namkeen. The Samosas and Kachoris, and Chaats leave your taste buds tingling with delight. Other delicacies from Gujarat, West Bengal and South India are also featured menu items at Bikanervala. Who would have thought you can savour a Raj Kachori while on a business trip or holiday to Dubai. From our origins in Delhi's Moti Bazaar, we have carried the aroma of Dal ka Halwa and freshly fried Bhujia to the capital of the Emirate of Dubai. We offer a number of exclusive delicacies including Kaju Sweets, Khoya Sweets, Bengali Specialities, Shuddh Desi Ghee Sweets and Bakery items at our Indian restaurant in Dubai. Our exclusive sweets selection is even more enticing for food patrons with a sweet-tooth, the Pista Lauj, Kashmiri Burfi and Dry fruit Chakkars melt in your mouth as you savour some of the best Indian food available in Dubai. Rasmalai, Rasgulla and Gulab Jamuns from Bikanervala create a pure culinary bliss around you after a healthy meal at our restaurant. We offer an extensive number of Indian desserts in Dubai.