Benefits of Hiring Remote Team For Software Development Project

There may be different reasons for hiring a remote development team of experienced IT specialists. Time doesn’t stand still, and to compete with other players on the market, your software solutions must comply with the latest standards. Whether you decided to automate the workflow in your company or move your legacy software to the web, some unexpected issues may arise. The project may require implementing a set of specific features, and you may not have experienced developers with the necessary skill set among the members of your IT department (if you have one). Software development companies may face a shortage of human resources and lack of time to put together a close-knit team of diverse specialists. In any of these cases, your company’s perspectives may not be pretty optimistic. The tasks you’ll have to deal with may become overwhelming. As a result, you won’t meet your deadlines, which will put your reputation at risk. To avoid such a tragic scenario, you can either spend time and effort recruiting new employees or decide to hire a dedicated development team. In this article, we’ll consider which benefits you can derive from the second of these options. Read full article: https://xbsoftware.com/blog/why-hiring-remote-team-for-software-development-project/
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Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks for Frontend Development

Nowadays, there are plenty of JavaScript front-end frameworks, each with its strong and weak sides. It’s often pretty hard to choose the right one, especially if you don’t have a substantial technical background. Unique features to be implemented in the final product require a tech stack that fits the requirements of a customer. The question is which exact front-end framework will ensure better results and reasonable investment of time. Today, we’ll take a look at five JavaScript front-end frameworks that have proven themselves best according to our experience. React React development services have become pretty popular since the first release of this library in 2013. The reason for such popularity among developers and businesses that want to leverage online apps is that React creators have implemented a new way of rendering web pages. This improvement resulted in dynamic and responsive online applications that provide an excellent user experience. Main Features Virtual DOM is one of the most significant features of React. It allows avoiding constant updates of the DOM tree, leading to significant lags and a drop in performance in the case of complex web apps. The Virtual DOM, in its turn, contains a copy of a real DOM. React can use it for updating the small parts of the whole web app without affecting it as a whole. Such behavior allows ensuring the high performance of web applications of any complexity. JSX or JavaScript XML is a JavaScript syntax extension used by React which is close to XML and HTML. The use of JSX makes writing React components easier thanks to its familiarity with the HTML injected into the web page.