How to Memorize Faster With The Spaced Repetition Learning Technique

Struggle with remembering learned information in a while? We are not always capable of remembering important details. And usually the second after learning it flies far away from our mind. And a certain amount of time after you feel like you’ve never seen this information at all. Sad, but true:( And this is when the little help comes in. Spaced repetition is a method, which is supposed to help you with remembering material even after a long time. You’ll just have to repeat your information with intervals to keep the details fresh in your head. 1. Why should I use it? Is it effective at all? Yes, you should! Because you not only invest in your long-term memory and use more time to figure out new ways of remembering complex structures and concepts. You also delay forgetting everything — by building a solid wall of knowledge even if your information is not new by itself. It helps with being confident in important moments. 2. How can I start? Maybe you’ve already started. Just not with that information. We’re used to repeating things we like — read our favorite book for the fourth time, watch a film or a TV show. Then you can closely understand how spaced repetition works. For sure you can name more details of your favorite book, cause I’ve read it a few times more than usual, you’ve researched and trained your brain at that time.
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