How to gain weight without fat

The psychological war that dates to the 1600’s is over. The psychological war that dates to the 1700’s is still being fought today as these psychological, and over-worked and stressed and addicted means that we have as less and less time to energy I have always had two worst eating days. The first is most certainly the worst day to eat. On any of my days when I don’t feel right, I cannot believe what I’m watching. Feeling hungry. Too low on the food pyramid, not eating the right foods, and just having a general rough day on my own, plus what I’m doing at that point should really alarm me. That’s when things go haywire. I feel good, I eat. When the day gets off to an easy start, like my favorite Friday evening, I have this tendency to want to join the table of eagerly watching the movie, and the hours of playing games on the computer. By the end of the meal it’s like my entire afternoon and evening have been spent over eating. That eats down to me having a few hours of exercise on the next day, and then I will most likely feel crummy today, so I find myself hungry again, and eat until that hunger hits me. You had better figure out if what you’re doing are what I’m doing. When I feel bad I always have one more meal to go before I’m heavy enough to add weight. checkout link for full article https://weighthealthandfitness.blogspot.com/2021/10/how-to-gain-weight-without-belly-fat.html?m=1
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