What is SharePoint Governance?

Guide to SharePoint Governance: An Overview Every organization is unique to its rules and regulations. That is true with enterprise-wide systems such as SharePoint as well. To avoid a mess, miscommunication, and mismanagement, you need to set up certain rules. What is SharePoint Governance? Governance is a set of policies that define processes, roles, rules, and regulations for internal as well as external user interaction with SharePoint in your organization. These Governance restrictions needs to be applied to each one, irrespective of their designation or job title. If they are to be provided with extra SharePoint permissions or access rights, even then they need to be under the prying eyes of the governance team or governance tool. It, therefore, keeps a healthy control upon the way your organization’s business divisions and IT team work together towards company-wide goals. Why do you need SharePoint Governance? Having a great governance system in place right from your initial days of using SharePoint can exponentially help increase your organizational compliance with various business processes and regulations. If you are a small company with limited SharePoint resources for creating sites and managing security – you might manage without a formal Governance plan. But if your organization is extensively using SharePoint: creating sites, maintaining security, managing permissions – you need to have a proper governance plan as well as a SharePoint online governance tool readily available.
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