How to Clean Gua Sha Tools?

Everyone gets that cleaning your Gua Sha tools is an important part of having them. Cleaning up after a Gua Sha session can be messy, but it doesn't have to be. We know that you care about the tools you use and want them to stay in good condition for a long time. These tools are important for proper post-treatent care.I have been researching on how to clean tools for several weeks now, but most of the articles I read are not specific eno ugh. If you are looking for information on how to clean Gua Sha tools, this is the article for you. WHY WE NEED TO CLEAN GUA SHA TOOLS? Gua Sha Therapy is an Asian therapy using either skin scraping or skin brushing to remove stagnation, push blood and qi, and unblock meridians in the body. Most of the time gua sha tools are used to scrape off the top layer of skin. Regular cleaning of the gua sha tools helps users avoid health risks while maximizing the therapeutic potential of gua sha therapy. Disease-causing pathogens can be transferred unknowingly on the surface of gua sha tools if not cleaned regularly. As your skin produces oil, it can build up on the gua sha tools. This is an inevitable occurrence, especially if you use the same set of tools for several clients. If you don't clean your Gua Sha tool after each use, it can cause several skin problems such as acne, greasiness, breakouts, and more. But this doesn't mean your tools can't be cleaned with ordinary soap and water. HOW TO CLEAN GUA SHA TOOLS?
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How to get rid of double chin by Gua Sha?

For centuries in China, Gua Sha treatment has been used to help improve the appearance of your face, neck and jowls. We believe there's no better way to help reduce the appearance of stubborn double chin fat. And because it's been traditionally used for detoxification, you'll feel a surge of energy after a session with your treatment device. Gua sha is an ancient treatment which uses a rounded, smooth object – such as a Jade Gua Sha Scraper-to glide across the skin. When the scraper makes contact with skin that appears swollen, a certain level of friction occurs, which causes a feeling of increased blood flow and warmth. This process brings circulation to the area, creating a warming sensation that relaxes the muscles and gently releases tension to reduce puffiness and blemishes. These Gua Sha Face & Neck Massager Tools helps improve lymphatic drainage as well as helps relieve eye bags, double chin as well as other common signs of aging. Looking for a quick and easy way to sculpt your chin? Look no further than this at-home gua sha treatment, which uses ancient Chinese scraping techniques to reduce under-the-chin fat and smooth your skin. There is no doubt that the double chin is a disturbing and embarrassing problem. Today I will share with you a method for getting rid of double chin quickly and effectively–Gua Sha for double chin. First of all, make sure that your skin is hydrated with facial oil or serum. Moisturing your skin with oil or serum. Then start from the center of your jawline, use the ‘top of the love heart’ to make sweeping motions across the jawline. Take the two-pronged side of the Gua Sha and Start at the center of chin and Rub the jaw towards the end of the ear. Based on its unique square-shape design, it targets your face area accurately and get rid of stubborn fat to get you get a jawline face. You can get rid of extra body flab easily without any pain!