Naruto vs Goku

a while ago I posted a card about who would win in a fight between naruto and goku (if u hadn't seen it check my DBZ folder below). I've checked the comments and it seems that goku still won despite being at a disadvantage. I know what your thinking isn't putting a god against a human not a fair fight, and yes your right but this is just to prove to the die hard naruto fans that naruto has nothing on goku.
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Bakuman247@VinMcCarthy @Jason41 @Thatperson512 first off young naruto and roshi zone goku from dragonball EPIC FIGHT! Second in the issue of the forms and jutsu i think what we have to realize is that in terms of dbz vs naruto naruto trumps dbz on the grounds that almost every single character is arguably important if they are a ninja. If they were to explain how every single one of them from gaara to lee to sai trained and got where they are outside of origin stories we would no longer have naruto but an anime called leaf village. Naruto's title leads you to believe its all about it him but in reality its about an entire nation realistically. Dbz follows the traditional style of story telling with lead main and support level characters. Naruto follows the new wave formula of storyline as a priority vs the characters as the main scope. In other words naruto is more about life lessons peppered with action then action peppered with lessons like that of traditional battle manga such as dbz. Plus when naruto was in the process of making the rasen shuriken the whole everyone having two chakara types was explained then after that episode slowly everyones jutsus expanded. I believe kishimoto was relying on common sense to prevail and for us to figure out at the time of narutos training everyone else was training as well just like the gap in the chunin exams, the gap when he left with jiriya and the sage training. It would be foolish to not assume or infer everyone else was bulking up ya know. And just imagine the amount if filler lol! Where as dbz is vividly focused on the action and puts story and lessons on the backburner so with its classic formula of lead main support characters solidified and defined for years that rarely changes aside from movie add ons its easier to track every step of progress with such a small cast. Third in terms of vejeta he's always found a way to loophole to new forms even in that bs called gt lol. It ca easily be assumed he went through the same process as goku and they may even show it in dbz super since super seems to be connecting time frames from the new movies before jumping into its own all mew pilot (hopefully)