Brain Storm!

Hello! I don't really post that much on vingle but I do interact a lot. Anyways I need your opinion on somethings. So I was thinking the other day that I could start a club at my school. I go to a small community college but a lot of students especially international students attend the college we have a least 40,000 people enrolled. If y'all don't know a lot about me I am a first year in college but i just turned 18 and I am usually the youngest in my small group of friends😁 I am on the school softball team and the nickname they gave me is Kpop (because they claim I'm too quiet and that I need to be louder like when I sing Kpop kekeke πŸ˜…). So my proposal is to create a club that supports girls like me who are shy to the point where it makes me timid at following my dreams. The purpose of the club would be to support girls and their creativity and at the same time be a supportive group of friends that help and support each other. It would also provide guidance for the first year students (like me) who come into the school knowing nothing at all. At first it was an idea to create a school idol group, but in America it is most liked very very rare or unlikely that you would see one because they're not popular here and not most people know about idols (heck they don't even know that our school has a softball team). But then I thought to model after an idol group but not strict at all it would be purely for enjoyment and fun and if the members really want to work at it they could improve their confidence and find their creative path or just improve their health, coordination, voice/ talent, etc. the members don't have to be pretty, or slim or have talent. They could just enjoy being who they are and learn to appreciate themselves while having fun and getting away from all the studying, stress and work that school gives us. The reality tho is that there's a lot of paperwork, responsibility and hard work that goes into leading a club. And I would also need to get the approval of the student body to sponsor/ fund the club, and to find a teacher that will sponsor us (which I don't know that many teachers here yet). So it would be a lot of work, but if its successful I think it would be a great club. What do you guys think? Feel free to express your opinion openly in the comment section! Thanks!πŸ˜πŸ’•