Full Body Check Up Packages In India

To lead a healthy life he should go for regular Dear Zindegi full body Health check-up packages for the early detection of any disease and better treatment for specific health issues. You need to keep a track of healthy living by taking the DEAR ZINDEGI – Health Check up Packages because “ ZINDEGI NA MILEGI DOBARA”. If you have noticed that you are often sick, feel fatigued or have other nagging symptoms you can’t figure out, it might mean your immune system is weakened. So with our STAY BEFIKAR: Complete health check up packages or Preventive health check up to check out the warning signs and what you can do to give your immune system a boost . Premarital check-up helps the couple identify any conditions such as genetic, transmissible and infectious diseases which should not bother the family in future.Our “HEALTHY MILAN” premarital health check up program informs couples and provides unbiased health evidence and act as a “health kunadli match”, Family history, genetics, age, diet and addictions. Women often ignore their health while taking care of everyone in the family. So we have introduced Healthy Womania- Women’s Health Check-up Package which is essential for them to maintain their health and also go for the regular check-up to ensure the early detection of any problem. Our full body checkup for women health package is being designed especially for woman’s keeping their general health problems that help in keeping track of healthy living. RETRO HERO’s , you might be living your life king Size during your Jawani but today after 60’s it can take you to a whole new meaning of life. While you get enough time to pursue your hobbies and interests; spend time with your grandchildren; and go for a long vacation, Age-related diseases and symptoms seems daunting you today. You need good health to enjoy the fruits of your lifelong labour, but it’s easier said than done.To bring back the jawani ka healthy ehsaas and keep the hero within you HIT &FIT we have introduced RETRO HERO- Comprehensive Senior citizen health check up |full body checkup for senior citizen. A newborn cannot communicate like adults and their health related problems often been un-recognised by the parents, In many such cases it evident , newborns are diagnosed with inborn errors of metabolism are rare genetic disorders in which the new born’s body cannot break down food into energy, thereby resulting in food accumulation leading to various conditions such as fructose intolerance, galectosemia, maple sugar urine disease, phenylketonuria, and so on, often uncontrollable in later stages. Our Healthy Bachpan: new born screening / Neonatal screening test package is designed keeping in mind of your loved ones , so that they can be screened early and corrective measures can be taken at early stage for their HEALTHY BACHPAN.
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