The Climate Is Changing - So Must Architecture

Climate change is a term that we are hearing everywhere. The question is no longer, “Is it happening?” but rather, “What are we doing to avoid the disastrous consequences? With the change in climate comes the call to action for architects, engineers, and builders to be a part of the climate crisis solution. It's time for such professionals to move beyond the checklist approach to sustainability. Architects need to find ways to minimize the use of energy- and carbon-intensive technologies such as electric lighting and air-conditioning and revive low-tech solutions such as passive ventilation. Of course, the implementation of such standards requires support from numerous stakeholders, including consumers, colleagues in related fields, public officials, lenders, and most especially clients. Retrofitting commercial and residential structures with sustainable energy sources will be one more way that the architects can contribute to lowering the carbon emissions of buildings. It is one of the most environmentally friendly and efficient solutions to optimize energy performance. This approach could also help extend the life of the existing building or historical buildings while ensuring optimum thermal comfort for the occupants which leads to higher productivity and better well-being. Examples of Efficient Substantial Buildings in India There are several examples of efficient substantial buildings in India. To name a few we have Auric Hall in Aurangabad, the recently completed Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Centre (SUHRC) in Pune, The Madikeri Resort at Coorg, Karnataka, etc. All of these have been built by one of the best architects in India - IMK Architects. IMK Architects Strive to Build Contextual, Sustainable, and Environmentally Holistic Buildings

The Upcoming Malabar Hill Forest Trail Design

IMK Architects is one of the best architects in India. The firm is known for its path-breaking commercial, residential and hospitality projects. Malabar Hill in Mumbai is getting a unique forest trail that would let people take in the serene view of nature. The trail design - a 705-m long, 604 m wide "treetop walkway" has been approved by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). Conceptualized by the top architectural firm in Mumbai, IMK Architects, the Malabar Hill Forest Trail will provide uninhibited views of the Arabian Sea. The walkway is meant to be environment friendly and would be built without intervening with the forest. With a complete focus on ecological protection and conservation – the project is ought to be built without damaging a single tree on site, which boasts of a wealth of local flora and fauna. A first-of-its-kind forest Trail for the city of Mumbai – this project is set to be completed by the end of 2021. IMK Architects—aim to revive an ecological lung in the city in the Malabar Hills, with this enchanting trail through a little-known forest. The project is steered by a vision to create a safe walking track for people -just in midst of the forest. Surrounded by a serene view of nature and the sounds of chirping birds, the trail will emerge as a fresh respite for its locals and visitors. What’s more? The leisure walkway will have ticketed entry and will be designed with viewing decks, benches, and a glass-bottom look-out zone at its widest point, with its handrails emanating minimal illumination. Blurbs containing information about the surrounding plants and animal species will also be incorporated at places to educate users/visitors. It will be similar to a 'treetop walk' at MacRitchie Reservoir in Singapore which takes visitors 25 meters above the ground on a free-standing suspension bridge. Mumbai city has several skywalks but there are no elevated leisure walkways. However, the one planned at Malabar Hill will be unique and distinctive from the rest. With the help of Mr. Aaditya Thackeray (Maharashtra's Tourism and Environment Minister), Mrs. Sangita Jindal (Chairperson of the JSW Foundation), and the Nepeansea Road Citizens' Forum - this vision is soon going to be a reality.