welcome to the community

Hiiii fellow marvel fan you may not know me and I may not know you (unless we go to the same school and you know I use vingle just never told me you did but oh well) my name is maria short for mariame. I basically consider my self as an international fan even tho I don't know every entertainment of the world. I love k-drama and K-pop but before them were marvel. I grew up next to marvel (sorta) but anyway here are at least three of my favorites marvel characters that I loved from childhood to teen. first off spider-man!!! we all know spider-man, he's our friendly goofy superhero not so goofy but goofy. his first appearance was in the movie spider-man (2002) I loved the old/original spider-man movies I don't know why I just do. the new movies are good too but sometimes original are much preferred. Next iron-man make ways iron man was my very first hero that I ever loved in the community. I don't know if it was the movies or the shows but I really love iron man. I haven't watched all his shows but I'm on my way to his movies their clear on my list watched them. last but not least Loki okay so Loki he wasn't always my favorite until I watched Thor the dark world. when I saw that movie all my perspective about Loki changed I saw what he truly was I started paying more attention to his character trying to know him more then next thing I knew my new favorite character was Loki. I still love tony but Loki seems like my top in the marvel characters. so that's my three main characters. I would love you all to introduce yourself and tell about your top 3 marvel character In a different card or comment below its nice knowing yall. bye