Why it is so complicated ?

I have friend. Two years back she met a guy via some social networking site. She was already broken heart as her fiance passed on in year 2012. She was in her recovering phase when she met that guy. His voice resembled to her fiance's voice. She started liking him. Before meeting, she told that guy about her past, what she was going through and she is fatty n not gf stuff. That guy asked to meet. They met. No doubt that guy is so damn handsome while my friend is average looking girl. She doesnt know why but she thought it was a date. She fell for him. She was blushing. Her eyes turned pink. She could feel every vein of hers falling for him. Her pain of losing her fiance was melting away. That guy knew what she was feeling for him. She told him. Neither he approved nor he disapproved. They started dating although no one said. That guy showed care towards her but she misunderstood it for love. My friend was falling for him every moment. He knew it all, everytime. All people around her knew she was in love. She used to blush all time. Her eyes turned pink with love. He was same. Non of his friend or fellow knew he was dating her. She found it strange sometimes but never over thought. She trusted every word from him. Some days passed and he too said he loved her. She was on cloud 9. She got happiness of lifetime. They were happy. Few days passed, the guy started ignoring her. When she asked he said, he is getting engaged. She broke once again. There was no said commitment but she was not expecting this too early. Later she found he lied to her. When asked he said he doesnt love her, he never did.