How Do I Setup ROKU Ultra? - Roku.Com Support 2020 - myrokucom.link

Roku ultra is an ultimate streaming player. It offers you 4k resolution with HD content. If you are looking for a streaming device which supports HDR, digital audio, remote control, voice search feature and headphone jack then Roku ultra is the best option for you. It provides you more than 3500 channels to stream. You can watch live content from the sports, News, entrainment and from many more other Roku channels. Roku ultra will work with any TV using an HDMI cable. You should use the high-speed HDMI cable. Roku ultra box contains some additional accessories to use such as the power adapter, batteries, HDMI chord, Roku ultra itself and remote control. You are recommended to use these products only. Here are some steps that you should follow for setting up Roku ultra. After performing these steps you will be also able to activate your Roku ultra. It further let you watch multiple online movies, shows etc. Follow Easy Steps To Setup Roku Ultra: 1. Connect Roku ultra with TV: - First of all, connect your Roku ultra to the home TV. For this, take an HDMI cable and connect its one end to the Roku and another end to the home TV. With this, also ready your remote by inserting batteries inside it. Make sure the remote must be in the line of sight for the proper connectivity. 2. Turn ON your TV and ROKU: - In this step, power ON your Roku ultra and TV. For this, connect the power adapter to the Roku ultra and then plug it into the wall outlet. You will see your Roku will blink a light. It means that your Roku ultra has been powered up. But in case, you see flashing red light or hot red light then power OFF your Roku for a minute.