India Independence Day

You might have watched the movie "Gandhi," but you might not be familiar with the actual events. The celebration of Indian Independence Day, which takes place every year on August 15, brings to mind the long and tough struggle for independence from British rule that was led by prominent figures such as Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. Despite the vastness of the British Empire, on which the proverb "the sun never sets," ragged groups of liberation warriors and clever strategists were able to soundly defeat the British by powerful, tactical mobilising and the tenacity that comes with being oppressed for centuries. Participate in the festivities commemorating what Nehru referred to as India's "Tryst with Destiny." The flag of India was first flown over the Lahori Gate in Delhi on August 15, 1947 by Jawaharlal Nehru, who was the Prime Minister of India at the time. This eventually evolved into a tradition, and ever since then, on Indian Independence Day, the sitting Prime Minister of India has been the one to raise the flag of the country and deliver a speech to the entire country. The day of India's independence, August 15, 2022, will be celebrated around the country with parades, celebrations to raise the flag, and cultural displays. Also See: India Independence Day Greetings HISTORY OF INDIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY After the victory in the Battle of Plassey in 1757, the English East India Company was able to seize control over the entirety of India and establish their authority there. This marked the beginning of the reign of the British Empire in India. During World War I, Mahatma Gandhi rose to prominence as the leader of the movement that would eventually lead to Indian independence. Following Gandhi's steadfast advocacy for a noncooperation and nonviolent means of protest, the civil disobedience movement emerged.

Happy Raksha Bandhan

The importance of festivals and fairs in our lives cannot be overstated. They have a great deal of importance to us at this point in our lives. We are not going to miss any of our Festivals. Our religion and culture are both represented through the festivals. They bring back memories of our glorious past. Raksha Bandhan, also known as the Festival of Love and Brotherhood, is celebrated in India. Sacred threads are wrapped around the wrists of Brothers by their Sisters as a constant visual reminder of the weighty responsibilities they bear. Sisters from all walks of life, including those who are married, single, young, or old, travel across India to pay a visit to their Brothers. During these visits, Sisters give their Brothers a piece of decorative thread to tie around their wrists, and in exchange, Brothers take an oath to protect their Sisters from harm. The term "Raksha Bandhan" refers to an important and meaningful tradition. Raksha is the Sanskrit word for protection, and Bandhan is the word for a bond. It is a celebration of the pure and holy link of love and protection that exists between a brother and a sister. This festival is meant to represent love and harmony in the world. This event takes place in the month of August. It is observed on a day that has a full moon in accordance with the Hindu calendar. People who hail from the western and northern parts of India are the ones who typically participate in the festivities of this festival. In addition, this event is referred to by a variety of names depending on where you are in the country. This festival is known as "Rakhi Purnima" by certain individuals, while others refer to it as "Kajri Purnima." This festival is celebrated as a significant day for farmers and mothers of sons in several areas. It is also known as "Father's Day." On this particular day, worship to Lord Shiva is performed. In accordance with the custom, the Sisters will set the table with a thali or a plate with diya, roli, rice, and Rakhis. She begins by offering prayers to God, and then she binds Rakhi on each of the Brothers while wishing for their health and happiness. In return, the Brother expresses his gratitude by assuring the Sister that he will never leave her side and presenting the Sister with a gift as a sign of his affection for her. See also: Raksha Bandhan Images Celebration