Benefits of using whatsapp clone app to double engagements

As the world evolves, new generations with significant exposure to knowledge and technology have transformed the way humans perceive their lives. Back in those days, when talking with each other used to be communicating using a device by speaking out loud. But talking has been replaced with ‘texting’. Sending messages through texts has been famous since mobile phone times. There comes the smartphone era, which is an internet-enabled device with advanced applications that made us feel close to everyone irrespective of how far the person lives. One such revolutionary product is the messaging app like WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a cloud-based messaging app used to send messages to anyone in the world. It is free to use, and it permits sharing files also. It is the most used messaging app around the world, it is said to have a revenue of 1.4 million US dollars in the year 2013. Last year in 2020, the total WhatsApp revenue was 5 billion US dollars with 2 billion users worldwide. Turnkeytown is a pioneer in developing WhatsApp clone app that helps bring steady growth and revenue by incorporating attractive features and a user-friendly experience with more emphasis on security and privacy. Let us look at the various features in the clone app and the list of benefits the app offers to its customers. The attractive features of the WhatsApp app clone are A group chat option audio calls

Why white Label Telegram Clone App is ever trending always?

Telegram is a cloud based messaging app which connects people around the globe with a distributed data centre’s network that helps the app to be the fastest in the market among other competitors like whatsapp, wechat etc. this is one of the most on-demand apps because of the various features it offers to its users. Telegram developers have mainly emphasized on security and privacy that the users can remain worry-less about the messages and other data in the app. Telegram was invented in Russia in 2011 and today it has about 50 million users worldwide. In 2018, the app's revenue was 1.3 billion US dollars. It was the time where telegram slowly grabbed its attention and people everywhere started talking about its benefits. At this pace it is estimated that telegrams cryptocurrency would cross 4 billion US dollars. Turnkeytown, a renowned app development company has developed an app like telegram which has the same characteristics as the original telegram app. The telegram clone script is 100% customizable so that if the client prefers to add a touch to it then it can be done so and the final product can be delivered as per the preference. How does a telegram clone app work? Telegram clone app is a very simple and easy to use messaging app. The best part is all these wonderful features are available for free. The telegram clone is available in the app store and it can be downloaded for free. The app doesn’t need a phone number or any login credentials to get into it. It can be simply downloaded and all the contacts will be automatically synced to the app and then the user can start by sending out messages or any media to their friends.

Ecommerce Business with Grofers clone app development

Smartphone users make the fullest use of their device to make their life hassle free and simple by equipping their mobile phones with all the service providing apps. These apps basically offer to complete the task of an individual in return of some money. There are many apps for so many tasks like shopping, house cleaning, finding a professional handyman, hailing a cab etc. when there is an app for everything why not have an app for the most important chore for our survival; online grocery shopping. Apps like Grofers are such a service where it lets users place their grocery order through the app and get it delivered by a delivery person at their doorstep. Turnkeytown excels at developing hands down the best in market Grofers clone app which excels in performance and with its exclusive features makes more customers to avail the app which increases the revenue of the business. Let us look at the business model in detail. Grofers is a grocery delivery system which is done online. Grofers like app basically comprises three components. They are: the user, local vendor and the delivery person. Let us see them in detail. User Those who are unable to visit their nearby store for getting their groceries can be done through the app. Students busy with their schedules, employees having a hectic day at work, aged people who are unable to walk down to the stores and every other people can make use of the app and get their groceries delivered on time.

Investing in a Bigbasket clone app development

Ever since the boom of m-commerce there has been an advent of many apps in the market which is helpful for all sorts of customers and works as a great service provider. In that order comes an app for delivering groceries at the doorstep. The already existing grocery delivery app in the market is the bigbasket app. This app has been used by millions of people in the US and its business has been increased by 53% in 2020. Turnkeytown provides the one of a kind Bigbasket clone apps that works perfectly as the original Bigbasket app. Grocery delivery apps have already been seeing a huge demand, so now is the right time to invest in Bigbasket clone app development and launch the app in the market. What are the uses of the Bigbasket Like App? The Bigbasket clone has been used by the employees who manage their own household. Because for them grocery shopping is like a huge task after a long tiring day at work. So they make use of this app by shopping for their food necessities on the go using the app. Even elders prefer the doorstep grocery delivery service as they will be unable to walk down their house and travel to the grocery store and then stroll down the aisles to collect their items and finally stand in the long queue for checkout. After the covid-19 outbreak, almost everyone chooses online grocery shopping over store shopping because of the threat of virus spread by human contact.