Caring for Your Skin: A Must-Do for Your Twenties

We all are born with great skin, aren’t we? Don’t we just love the skin of babies? So smooth, blemish free and soft! If only, we could have that baby skin all our lives! Sadly, over the years, pollution, smoke, ultraviolet rays of the sun and contaminated water take a toll on our skin health. Since these are part and parcel of our daily life, we have to bear their brunt. What we can do to minimize the impact of environmental stressors, is to take really good care of our skin, so that it retains its natural youthfulness and vitality. And did you know that pollution and UV rays also cause premature aging and pigmentation of skin? This is precisely why we need to start our skincare routine early, preferably in our twenties. The earlier you start protecting your skin from this harsh damage, the better. Aging can be delayed by following a healthy diet, regular exercise and by using skincare products. How does Pollution Damage your Skin? The appearance of fine lines, pigmentation, rashes and patches on your facial skin in your twenties, is due to the harmful effects of air pollution. Skin specialists emphasize that fine dust and carbon dioxide emissions enter the pores of the skin causing patchiness, dryness, dark spots, and itchy skin. Excessive exposure can aggravate dark circles too. (Source: Anti-pollution beauty products are most in demand in 2020, Calcutta Times, The Times of India, 6th March edition) All dermatologists agree that a regular skincare routine helps in maintaining the healthy glow of your skin. This routine starts with cleansing, and goes on to toning, moisturizing, and night-time pampering of the skin, followed by UV protection during the day.
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