Key Points to Consider Before Getting Effective Treatment For Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a notorious silent killer and statistics show an estimated at 266, 120 for the current year. It’s said that women today have a 12.4% chance of developing this malignant disease at some point in their life. However, by the blessing of modern day medical science, breast cancer is treatable on many levels. There is an impressive 89.7% survival rate, which drives the patients to fight and live. Well before going for breast cancer treatment, there are certain key points you should consider- Stay calm- Well, in this scenario it is the most important facet - calm mind can take rational decisions. Cancer patients today look for a quick treatment which results in premature surgery. This will only satisfy their anxiety and not their condition. It’s always advised to stay calm, consult the best surgeons, complete your chemo sessions, and then with the doctor’s approval go for surgery. A Second Opinion- Generally, people have a tendency to stick with one doctor. It is also wise to stick with one, as he is familiar with the case and history of your cancer but taking a second opinion is always recommended. In the most basic language, the surgery will determine your future prospects, the course of your treatment, side effects from the surgery, and most importantly how much life you have ahead. It’s always good to take a second opinion, just for surety. Avoiding extensive lymph node surgery-
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