# 1 Rule Challenge

So i was tagged by B1A4BTS5EVER to do this but the person who made this challenge is @katiems So first things first, I am a very shy and somewhat quiet person. I'm not good with talking to new people let alone mingling with a crowd. I guess I can blame my insecurities for that. I used to have hearing problems when I was younger which made me a very cautious person. Alot of people would make fun of me at school and even my own family. I was often called stupid or dumb. Sometimes I would lock myself in my room too afraid to come in contact with anyone. My parents often yelled at me for being a terrible listener and people at school didn't understand why I was always staring at their lips when ever I was forced to listen to them talk. If it wasn't for my best friend in school I wouldn't know what to do. He helped me out so much and was there when i needed someone to talk to. Eventually I had this surgery allowing me to hear as good as anyone else. Things at home got better with my parents although school was still terrible. I still had people make fun of me and still got called stupid. But the good thing was, I wasn't alone. My best friend was still by my side. He was there to get me through all the tough times and because of him, I can call myself a kpoo fan. He introduced me to big bang. Instantly i fell in love. The music was different yet I was still able to fall into it's grasp. Because of kpop, I was able to get into bts. My favorite group whose music I can actually relate to. When I'm having a bad day or just feeling utterly terrible, I listen to them. Their music makes me happy always putting a smile on my face. Listening to their songs often reminds me that everyone goes through their own struggles. Nobody is perfect and no one is ever alone either. All hou h