TA Diy ideas - Paper flower craft /m/0fm3zh - How to make Lily of the Valley

TA Diy ideas - Paper flower craft /m/0fm3zh - How to make Lily of the Valley TA Diy Ideas, where I may show you my passion in hand craft. This video I would like to show you how I made these lovely lilies of the valley from crepe paper. I have tried to simplify methods to make it most easy for you to follow my instruction video in making this crepe paper lily of the valleys. https://youtu.be/TfiarESfSto Lily of the valley, Lillium convallium, Convallaria majalis ,May lily, May bells, Our Lady's tears, or Mary's tears are all the name of this adorable flower. With this tutorial video, TA Diy ideas will show you simple and easy way of how to make this lovely lily of the valley with crepe paper. If you love flowers and paper crafts, you will surely love to make this flower. you will like this flower more when you understand the language of flower. Do you know that Lily of the valley has the meaning of 'the return of happiness', humility, purity, and the symbol for the return of Christ? It even the flower of choice for bridal which goes well with the white color of wedding. Subscribe to my channel if you love the content. I often have new videos within 1 or 2 weeks. Hit notification button to watch my new videos. Don't forget to give me Like, it really encourages me to make better and better content. 📌For more videos of making crepe paper flowers, click here: https://bit.ly/paper-flower-easy​
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