I know this is sudden, but it keeps happening to me at school. People say "Koreans are ugly." or "Why do you like Kpop? I don't know what they are saying." Honestly, I have ALOT of people who I can name that are hot to me, but ugly to you. My mom tells me that people don't have to like what you like. But the thing is, they approach me!!!! When people ask you why do you like kpop just say because they don't always rap to stay relevant and just put words together and nor make sense. Also they don't talk about pussy, fucking all night(excuse my language), and skinny girls who for some reason NEEDS to have a butt to be perfect. Not saying all songs in America are like that, but the ones people hear most of the time these days are about all of that. I mean the beats are good, but the words don't make sense whatsoever. So PLEASE correct if I'm wrong, but this is what I feel. Deeply. People think I'm obsessed, but honestly, its just trying to get to know a different culture.

Tae Angst/fluff/smut

You've been best friends with the ladies' boy Taehyung. You guys were childhood friends and you guys even made it out of highschool together. Every time Tae was around, people were always so nice to you. But when he wasn't around, people would treat you kind of badly because they were jealous of how you were so close to Tae. You had to admit, you had a secret crush on him. Not only because of his looks, but also because of his personality. Most girls would just go r him because he was hot. Busy never knew that he was a total nerd like you, except has GREAT looks. One day, you walked to e dorm you ad Tae shared. You slowly came in to see Tae talking to this girl. "Oh hey y/n!" He said with his signature box smile. "Hi..... ummm......" You said about to ask who the hell that girl was. " Oh ! This is my new girlfriend Alyssa." You suddenly remembered that name. The girl who used to bully you in highschool behind Tae's back. You growled under your breath. How could he hook up with a hoe like her? He smiled and said "Well, I'll leave the ladies to talk. BRB." He said while getting up. "Bye baby!" She said batting her eyelashes a little too much. Once he left, she got right onto your face. "Look her ragamuffin. You are looking at the new Kim in the house. So don't get in the way of it." You pushed her put of your face and said " Actually we're just friends. So get out of my face you witch." You shot back. Sh glared intensely at you. "You think you're all that!" She continued. "Well think again hun. She devillously chuckled and flipped her blonde hair to the side so you could see her smooth skin and squinted like eyes(like Yoongi's...). You were considered "cute" to some boys. You had a nice body which everybody drooled for, your features were outstanding, and lastly your sweet personality topped it off. But of course you were fierce when you had to. And this was the time. Since she was talking trash, you were about to punch her in the face. But sadly, Tae came back in the living room. "Fuck..." You cursed under your breath. "So how do you guys like each other?" You were about to tell him the TRUTH, but miss priss just had to butt on in. "Well, we are the best of friends!" She said smiling which you could obviously see it was fake. "Nice!" So after a little while, you all watched a movie together. Tae was making weird faces at you and of course you were weird like him, so you started cracking up. Alyssa started laughing just to get Tae's attention. She suddenly grabbed Tae's face and kissed him RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. You felt your eyes getting teary. You felt your heart shatter in a million pieces. After that night, all you could think about was that kiss that happened. You know it was selfish to think this but, you should of been the one kissing him. You should of been the one holding his hand during the movie. You should of been the one cuddling next to him. Why wasn't that you? Every thought suddenly made you burst into tears. Your heart ached so much. Thinking about that evil witch touching his perfect pure lips. The next morning, you were down in the dumps. You felt so depressed. Every day seeing him with her made your heart slowly die. One day maybe a week after at incident, you decided to watch a movie together AGAIN. "Here comes another heart break..." you said in a plain tone. Of course you didn't want to go, but since Taehyung was your friend, you couldn't refuse. While watching a movie, you seen Alyssa talking to some person while biting her lip and twisting her hair while Tae went to get is some drinks. You don't know how Tae would react when he seen you with a messy bun, skinny jeans and a T-shirt saying "lazy" on it just sprinting in the kitchen saying that his girlfriend was flirting with some random person on the phone. But apparently you didn't have to. He was standing at the door frame of the kitchen looking at it all. Once Alyssa got off the phone, she noticed Tae and acted all cute and cuddly like nothing happened. Tae snatched the phone from her hand and look at the guy she was talking to. It was saved as "bae". He looked at his saved name and it was homie. Wow. I knew she was a fake bitch. He yelled at her to get out, and she quickly complied. I was just there watching it all. He shut the door quite harshly, with made me jump a little. " I'm sorry Tae." I said while patting his back. Suddenly I felt soft lips connect to mine. I was pushed on the couch and held down. "Sorry y/n. But I've been waiting to do this to you since high school. He started kissing you neck harshly leaving hickeys. You moaned his name softly. You were so distracted, you didn't realize that Tae took everything on both of your bottom halves off. You suddenly felt pain come from your sex. You shed a tear and Tae started slamming into you harshly. You felt sweat from his forehead drip on your stomach. "Ughh.. yes Tae I'm so close!!" "Me too!" You felt a knot in your stomach then Tae pulled out and slid his member into your moth. He started thrusting hard in your mouth which made you gag. Suddenly you tasted his seed spread in your mouth. After the sex, he said "Sorry. I don't know what got into me." Its OK Tae. I've also wanted to do this." He gazed at you. "Y/n?" "Yeah?" You said seeing what he wants. "Will you be mine?" "Of course Tae!" You said excitedly. The rest of the night you cuddled together. This is like a dream you thought. That's all for now folks!!!!