Cellophane Hair Treatment- All You Need to Know

All of us want glossy and shiny tresses just like Rapunzel, don’t we? However, owing to environmental pollution and our genes, hair health becomes a gamble. Many of us are unlucky to have dull and brittle hair. Hence, we are always on the search for the best hair treatments to bring back life to hair and make it look shiny and gorgeous. What is Cellophane Hair Treatment? One such treatment that claims to address hair issues such as brittleness, dryness, and frizziness is the cellophane hair treatment. It is a chemical and semi-permanent process that gives shine, luster, and softness to the hair. Unlike other hair treatment procedures, cellophane hair treatment does not use harsh chemicals that damage the hair. The method mainly involves applying silicon based polymers on the cuticles of the hair strands. These polymers are nothing but hydrolyzed proteins that form a protective sheath on the hair. Cellophane hair treatment prevents dryness and locks in the natural moisture of the hair. Who should take the Cellophane hair treatment? The cellophane hair treatment is for anyone who has dry, damaged, and lifeless brittle hair. Those who color their hair frequently can opt for cellophane hair gloss treatment. Cellophane treatment is also recommended for those who undergo re-bonding and perming.

Things to Pack with You on Your Summer Vacation at the Resort

Summer time is the time for vacation and it is the time to get your bags packing. However, it is necessary to pack all the essential things before heading out to your vacation. Planning ahead and getting all that you need on your getaway will keep your resort summer vacation comfortable and thrilling. While you embark on your vacation, there are few things that you ought to grab. Let us look out at a few of them Pack Sunscreen: - No one would want their vacation to be ruined by a sunscreen. If you are going to be spending time outdoors, then don’t forget the sunscreen. Also don’t forget your bathing suit as many resorts have outdoor pools. Biking/Walking trails: - The best part of summer vacations are biking and walking trails. So before you set out on your vacation, check if your resort has biking or walking trails. If they have trails, check if bikes are available for rent for guests to use. It is better to check with the resort rather than packing your bikes up. Clothing basics: - As summers can be hot and humid, you might want to pack the right kind of clothes to avoid discomfort. You can carry shorts and t-shirts for the mornings and loose pants and tops for the cooler evenings. Make sure to wear lightweight nylon fabrics that will prevent excessive sweating. Pack along with you a comfortable pair of walking shoes and hiking boots for your trip. In Minnesota, summers can be rainy so do not forget to pack a raincoat or an umbrella. Outdoor Gear: - Camping is a popular activity for tourists in Minnesota. So it would be a great idea to pack along basic camping essentials like sleeping bags, tents, tarps to place the tents, flashlights, etc. You can easily carry your own or rent the gear you need to enjoy these outdoor activities.