Top-Notch Concrete Lifting and Leveling Services in St. Louis - STL Polyjack

Most of the structures in the human world are built using concrete. If you are inside a building, or if you just look around at the ground, most structures are reinforced with concrete. This is because concrete offers unparalleled stability at a cheap price. That doesn’t automatically mean that concrete structures are impregnable. They have their fair share of issues caused by various factors. Some of these factors include poor soil compaction, moisture, seeping water, etc. You might think ‘Well if it has problems then we fix it. Easy peasy.’ We hope it was that easy. Usually, when concrete structures sink or spall, the repair is complete demolition and replacement with new slabs. The process is time-consuming and costly. The most economical and stable means to build structures suddenly becomes costly. Do we have an alternative? Fortunately, yes. STL Polyjack is an expert concrete leveling company in St. Louis. We repair concrete structures economically through a process called ‘Polyjacking’. Polyjacking is the process of leveling concrete structures using highly durable polyurethane foam. The concrete structures with issues are identified and holes are drilled into them. Once done, the polyurethane foam is inserted into the drilled holes through machines. The foam is very light and has a tremendously short curing time. Take a guess? The density is 2 LBS per cubic foot and the curing time is 10 minutes. Once the process is completed, your home or business can return to normalcy immediately. Adding the fact that the process has minimal to no intrusion into your daily routine. Need Concrete Lifting and Leveling Service in St. Louis? Book an appointment with STL Polyjack today!

The Best Basement Waterproofing in St. Louis by STL Polyjack

Every home in and around the Greater St. Louis region has a basement. They are either used as storerooms, gaming rooms, workshops, etc. If you are a movie buff, your imagination would say that basements are ghastly, dingy, places where age-old pianos are stored. And these pianos, somehow, play themselves at night. :P But that is not the case. If utilized properly, a basement can be the best value addition to your living space. People, with whom have worked, have made the best of the transition to their basements and made it a great value addition to their home post our Basement waterproofing in St. Louis. Our basement waterproofing process involves the following steps, Step 1: The stagnated or flooded water from the basement is removed with advanced machinery. Once done and cleaned, our experts use different equipment to find the sources of leakage. Step 2: Once the sources are located, we use polyurethane chemicals to fill the holes/voids found. Step 3: Post sealing the source of leakage, we will completely waterproof the entire basement area. We will make sure the entirety is filled with polyurethane foam so that your basement is waterproof and you can get on with your plan for your basement. A flooded or leaky basement is detrimental to your home’s stability, your family’s health, your power bill, etc. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Check your basement. In case it is leaky, contact STL Polyjack today - the best concrete leveling company in St. Louis.