Skool Luv Affair (A BTS Fanfiction Part 4)

Sorry I've been MIA for the past few months. Life got crazy busy with working full time and doing school....I've also been working on another story on Wattpad with my friend and so it's been a task balancing everything. But I'm back and ready to keep writing. Also if you want to check out my story that I'm writing with my friend on Wattpad it's called 'Love is Hard' by mandmproductions. It's a fanfiction about EXO. Anways thanks for reading! 사랑해~~❤❤ I hopped in the shower and quickly washed my hair and body before getting out and wrapping the towel around my body. I shivered slightly as I walked into the cold air of my bedroom. I changed into a tan skirt and a white button down, trying to get as close to the uniform as I could. I would have to go buy a uniform today after school. Hopefully Namjoon can help me with that. I ran a brush through my hair and put on some light makeup, foundation and some mascara. I stepped out of my room nervously, still unsure of how living these boys was going to work. “Good morning London,” Namjoon smiled at me as I walked into the living room, “Jin hyung is making breakfast.” “Oh, that’s nice of him,” I smiled shyly, “Does he need help?” “You’re too nice,” Namjoon chuckled, “You just got here. It’s your first day, take it all in and enjoy it.” “Noona,” A voice said behind me. I turned and saw Jungkook walking into the living room and coming over to me, “Good morning.”
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