{Thowback Thursdays} Shonen Jump Classics!

Hiya Guys! Im so sorry that I havent posted for {TT}... My bad but I am back! So this today I wanted to talk about some of throwbacks that I havent really seen much cards on Vingle. But this Week's Theme, post your favorite Shonen Jump's Throwback mangas and anime adaptations! For those dont know Shonen Jump is magazine that showcases mangas that are serialized through their publishing firm. Shonen Jump is an American Magazine (well their online now) which is translate/converted/based on the Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump! Both very successful magazines. Now that Weekly Shonen Jump is online subscribers can read chapters the same week as Japan! :) For me, of course everyone knows that I love YuYu Hakusho! It has been my favorite all-time and first anime and manga! It just has a great story arc and characters! By far a classic and if you havent checked it out, you should definitely think about it. X) Another, great Shonen Throwback Manga is Shaman King! I loved reading this growing up and it just opened a whole new world for me! Yoh Asakura is a shaman and is on a journey to become the Shaman King, who has immense powers and abilities. Yoh is joined by his fiance and friends. This manga and anime has some great fight scenes! What is interesting is the juggle between the worlds of living and dead and how as a shaman, 'a medium', and what they have to do in order to not the worlds spiral into chaos! Inuyasha is a beautiful manga and anime! The manga started in 1996 and ended in 2008, and throughout that time Rumiko Takahashi did a masterful job with the art and story. This ran for two series. Inuyasha and Inuyasha: The Final Act. There are some strong characters who play such a pivotal role in Kagome's and Inuyasha's lives. Kagome being a human girl who is the reincarnated verson of Kiyko, who tried kill Inuyasha, a half human, half fox demon, sure can put a damper on a friendship... hahaha XD But it is awesome to see them grow and their relationship as the story progresses. Check it out if you havent already, its a kick-ass manga and show.