Want to Develop a Scooter Sharing App like Felyx? Learn How!

Everyone isn’t fond of driving or owning their vehicles or scooters with the evident increase in vehicle and gasoline prices. So some prefer using public transport to avoid all the fuss. Public transport assures safety but not comfort and flexibility. Here is where the concept of e-scooters clicks in. E-scooters allow their users to use vehicles as per their convenience for a daily commute, exploring the city, and much more. As per an analysis done by NACTO, in 2018 users completed 84 million trips on shared micro-mobility vehicles. The number speaks volumes for how users are adapting to this new ride-sharing service. One such app that has gained significant recognition in this area of business is Felyx. This blog offers insights on its scooter sharing program, and the features it provides in its mobile app. So, let’s get to it. Overview: The first wave of the e-scooter revolution hit the US market in 2017 as companies like Bird and Lime launched their dockless e-scooter mobile apps. Soon, various other local entrepreneurs were inspired to jump into the market. Today almost all the European countries provide the option of renting e-scooters. As per the numbers of a PS Market Research the European two-wheeler sharing market is predicted to reach 597.2 million USD by 2025. During the forecast period, the CAGR rate is expected to be 35%. Massive urban congestion, increased global warming concerns, higher convenience, and technological advancements are the reasons fueling the micro-mobility economy in Europe. How does Felyx Work?
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