How can i monitor my child's computer remotely?

With the advancement of technology, everyone use smart gadgets mobile phone, computer system to fulfill the social need. Nowadays, children use computer and internet for playing games, and chat with friends. Kids are addicted to use of internet and computers. While using internet and pc, kids access the unsafe website and appropriate material which is harmful for children. Parents are always concerned about their children online behavior. Parents want to examine their child computer and want to protect them from harmful things. Kids are innocent they don’t know how can technology harm them online. Kids’ monitoring can safe and secure them from online threats. No parents want to prevent their kids to spend countless hours on computer system. Parents always want to schedule their children according to them and they want to keep them under surveillance. Why need to monitor child computer Technology is emerging in our daily life with the passage of time. Everyone is addicted with internet and computer devices. But kids spend a lot of their time on computer and internet. Internet and computer devices have harmful effects on children. Parents want to protect their child from online threats because parents are aware of the online predators and inappropriate activities. Children are addicted to computer devices and internet world is full of potential risks. Spending a lot time is destroying the child mental and physical health. The technological monitoring tools are creating awareness among parents to monitor their child’s activities. How monitor child computer remotely
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