Early Childhood Trauma | Infancy Disaster

https://psychologistdefinition.com/early-childhood-trauma/ In order to discuss, the topic that needs to be discussed earlier is Infancy Disaster. Although short-lived (Infancy), it is one of the most dangerous stages of life. At this time the newborn may experience both physical, mental, or simultaneous disabilities or may disrupt his or her present and future adaptation. During the first few days after birth, the child’s physical process slows down due to the normal periodic development. This temporary break in development can frighten the mother. The perception that the mother is anxious about the child’s development, noting the exception to the unbroken development, becomes chronic and makes her extra vulnerable to the child in the future. Therefore, the stagnant pace of the development of the newborn is very severe when it is mentally disturbed. https://psychologistdefinition.com/early-childhood-trauma/