Exo-L's Get a Bad Rap

Okay now that my excitement about Exo'lution has died down I feel the need to mention an incident that occurred outside on the ticket line. I was going to put this as a note in my previous rundown of the concert but I feel like it deserves its own card. Let me preface this by saying, for the longest time I couldn't get into EXO because of their fanbase. Exo-Ls are (unfortunately) well known throughout Kpopland as being unforgivingly rude and obnoxious, borderline obsessive. I couldn't get really get into the group because of all the fan wars and controversy they started. To be honest, after what happened at Vancouver, I started to feel really anxious about my decision to go to this concert, let alone be in pit. Anyway, I got to the venue at about 1:30ish and I wandered around (I had a lot of time to kill, or so I thought) meeting other EXO fans. Let me just tell you, these are the nicest freaking people I've ever met in my life. No one I met was snobby (except this one Korean girl but I think that's because I called her pretty informally but that's for another card), and everyone was accepting and EXCEPTIONALLY well behaved. There were a lot of parents with their under aged kids and I didn't hear one complaint. NOT ONE. I met one Korean lady who traveled from Texas (she couldn't make the Dallas concert) and she was like 34 but she gushed about Chanyeol as if she was 14. It was so cute lmao. I let her borrow my charger and she looked as if she were going to cry. It's so crazy how Kpop brings different walks of life so close man wow it was a humbling experience.

Exo NYC Concert Was AWESOME

Okay guys so this was my first kpop concert and honestly I didn't really know what to expect. Especially with the reputation Exo-Ls tend to get. But aside from a few camera girls fighting with security (they were Korean fan site masters) everyone was pretty well behaved. They only told us to step back twice but they still talked about safety a lot. I met so many nice people and new friends just by standing in line. I only saw like 4 or 5 fellow Chen stans though. There were a million Baekhyuns and Chanyeols.......@.@ I was in the pit but I was in like the second/third row and there were a lot of cameras and it was hard to see them and take pictures. But I got a few good fan cams I'll upload them to YouTube and here later. Here's my account of events: • Okay so first off no one can ever describe how they look in real life you have to see them it's unreal. Kyungsoo is obviously short but Chen also looks surprisingly small compared to other members and CHANYEOL towered over Suho and Kyungsoo and so did Sehun next to Baekhyun • They're literal ANGELS like I've never seen grown men that looked just! so! good! Like my eyes were on Chen and Baekhyun and Suho almost the entire time THEY LOOKED SO GOOD JESUS CHRIST • Baekhyun had black hair and it surprised me because that's my favorite look on him and he came out and I freaked out and almost fainted seriously
DucklingYoongiI was at the NYC concert and this post is 1000000% accurate. There's no way to even describe how the guys look live it's like, HD pictures don't even do them justice! And I was super excited for how involved Xiumin was(bias) but he was so exciting and cheerful and brightened the mood a lot. I think we can agree, Chanyeol was the most active member that night. There was very few moments he wasn't on stage. But Sehun kinda looked... Smug or bored I guess? It was kinda like a small smirk as he preformed but when he was engaging with fans he smiled brightly. Suho fan club gave out photo cards and stickers of him, which was super sweet and Kai's gave out banners that read "Kai makes us smile like angels". I got a little sad when they took away my light up poster but I didn't want to argue for it, like some Korean fans argued over their cameras. (The staff reminded us 20+ times, if you're caught with camera during security check your ticket would be revoked with no refund but fan site girls thought it didn't apply to them.) So I just said okay~ and moved on. And even though he wasn't there, everyone made sure to scream extra loud for Lay's parts in VCRs. And Chanyeol was making confetti snow angels it was adorable! I think the translator was a little off though, as Baekhyun seemed to be confused by some of his words she translated and he seemed to tease about it after? But all I can say is no fancams, no pictures, no fan sites or fan accounts can accurately describe being there and seeing them live. It's just.. So surreal. You're screaming and crying without thinking about it and when you're home and see all the posts of pictures and videos, you look at them and get this bubbly feeling because 'I was there. I saw him do that.' It's no longer just a picture or video of your bias. It's a special memory and a part of your life that for the next 30 or so years, when you see a photo of that night you'll hear the screams echoing around you as the boys take stage. You'll have the flashbacks of jumping up and down to the beat of 'drop that'. You'll remember waving your light stick and shouting encouragement at your fave, in sync with a thousand other girls. You'll remember how your legs ached and your throat was sore but you stood and screamed anyway because 'Oh my god, he's really right there. He's here and he's dancing and smiling and saying he loves us.' You'll think about how for weeks after the concert, you couldn't shut up about it and told anyone who would listen about how perfect it all was and you'd cry because you want to go back to that night. It's a night engraved in your memory forever.