WIRE Buzz: Student's VFX skills impress Iger; del Toro still wants to scale 'Mountains of Madness'; and more

Remember his name: Julian Bass. Currently a theater student at Georgia State University, Mr. android box tv may very well be tomorrow's go-to blockbuster director/actor/VFX maven, thanks to a Tik Tok video that's been breaking the internet since it was posted to Twitter Thursday. Titled "Favorite Heroes," the 20-second project sees Bass wielding a lightsaber, turning into Diamondhead as Ben 10, and slinging webs as Spider-Man. "If y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated," reads the caption. Well, wouldn't ya know it — the Mouse House responded in the form of Disney Chairman Bob Iger, who wrote: "The world’s gonna know your name!!!" Over the last three days, Julian's tweet was featured on Good Morning America and steadily racked up over 1 million likes and more than 500,000 shares. "I had been making videos since I was 11 and making this video was the natural progression," he tells SYFY WIRE. "I’d been making Tik Toks since December, actually, and I really thought this was just another one. It started to severely underperform on Tik Tok, so I took a leap of faith and made this tweet as somewhat of a joke. But being recognized by Disney, though, 20 million views later, the chairman himself reaching out...it’s surreal. And it wasn't just Iger who reacted to the video, which was brought to life via a combination of programs like After Effects, Blender, and Final Cut. Hollywood power players and studios alike —James Gunn, Zach Braff, and Sony (owner of the movie rights to the growing Spider-Verse) — all shared their compliments with words and emojis.

15 Male Stars Who’ve Been Physique Shamed, From Leonardo DiCaprio to Jason Momoa (Photographs)

Hollywood is notorious for having unrealistic expectations when it stars' bodies. We're used to listening to stories about body shaming from girls -- however listed below are some men who've also dealt with body-shaming trolls. Leonardo DiCaprio When the teenager heartthrob-turned- leading man went on vacation in 2014, he was made fun of online for his lack of a six-pack. Wentworth Miller The "Prison Break" actor spoke out against body shaming in 2016, mentioning that his weight acquire was an indication of his depression. "In 2010, on the lowest point in my grownup life, I was looking all over the place for reduction/consolation/distraction. And I turned to meals. It could have been something. Medication. Alcohol. Sex. But consuming became the one thing I may look ahead to," he wrote on Facebook. Val Kilmer In 2014, Kilmer virtually eye-rolled on the double commonplace in Hollywood. "Cannot win on this loopy town. Too heavy for too a few years and now gossip says, too skinny!" he wrote on Fb in 2014. The actor was shedding pounds to play his dream position, Mark Twain. He makes a great point; actors typically change their physique sort for different roles. Vin Diesel Known for his muscular physique, even Diesel has skilled physique shaming. In 2015, images surfaced showing his abdomen, and folks online went right into a frenzy. "I don’t care, actually. I’m not attempting to be in tremendous shape all the time. I’m making an attempt to grasp my craft of constructing films," the actor mentioned on an episode of "Good Morning America." Sam Smith Howard Stern mocked the Grammy and Oscar winner with one of those insults phrased as a praise. "Have you learnt what I love about that guy? He’s an unpleasant motherf---er. He’s fats. And I adore it," Stern stated on his radio show in 2015.

iOS 14 has arrived — here are eight things it copied from Android

Apple just held its Worldwide Developer Convention, also commonly referred to as WWDC (or my private preference, dub dub). This year's WWDC is where Apple showcased iOS 14, which appears to be like to be one of the vital substantial iOS updates in fairly a while. The home screen is extra customizable than ever before, widgets are a thing, and — yes — Apple added an app drawer. If those sound like issues Android has had for years, you are proper. Apple might speak about a few of iOS's features as being revolutionary and groundbreaking, however truth be informed, it just seems extra like Android than ever earlier than. On that be aware, this is a fast have a look at eight things iOS 14 copied from Android. iOS 14 ushers in the greatest change to iOS's dwelling display than ever earlier than, the first part of this revolution coming within the form of house display widgets. Widgets have existed in iOS for some time, however up until now, they've been restricted to the leftmost web page. Not only have widgets been completely redesigned, however now you may add them on your legit home screens. Widgets can have completely different sizes to be sure to get the correct quantity of information that you want, and you can place as many or few as you need. Apple also created a brand new "Good Stack" widget that routinely displays different app widgets based mostly on the time of day, and whereas that is one thing we haven't seen in Android before, the thought of house display screen widgets is one that's existed in Android because the very starting.

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tv box of the extra unexpected focuses rising above the system of this time of Killing Eve has been parenting, and the struggles faced by each young ones and their mom and dad as they try to forge connections and share the factors that issue. Very last 7 days, Villanelle attempted and unsuccessful to figure out what her relationship with her mom ought to mean, and this week, Konstantin and Carolyn equally attempt to link with their daughters, to decidedly mixed effects. Very well, Konstantin finds blended effects. Carolyn will come nearer to an being familiar with with Geraldine, one particular that Geraldine at minimum has been looking for all time, only to make apparent at the conclude of the discussion that it was all a precursor to interrogating her daughter about her partnership with Konstantin. The whole speech is very Carolyn—yes, she struggles to recognize her daughter, but she’s even now trying in her own way to be there for her, even if it implies ingesting a stew of deformed vegetables in its place of the pot pie she’s been craving. And even though it is been effortless to sympathize with Geraldine during the season as Carolyn refuses to grieve with her, Carolyn is also right that Geraldine has saved anything pretty big from her. The counterpoint, of class, is that Geraldine could not have been pushed to look for consolation from Konstantin if not for her mother’s aloofness through a terrible time in her lifetime. It is just much more undesirable luck for Konstantin that Carolyn is sensation "galvanized" right now, considering the fact that it signifies that he will get taken on a terrifying auto trip (1 of two for the episode) although she interrogates him about his connection to Kenny. And for any of us who questioned way again when the Konstantin/Carolyn intimate heritage was initially teased, it turns out Kenny also imagined there was a prospect Konstantin was his father. In a different deeply Carolyn moment, when Konstantin suggests he instructed Kenny he did not even know himself if he was Kenny’s father, she doesn’t respond to possibly affirm or deny. In its place, she tosses his several belongings out of the motor vehicle and goes about her small business. And when Konstantin finally helps make it again house once again, presumably soon after a really extended stroll again to discover his wallet and mobile phone, it is to find out yet a different nemesis hiding in his space. This time, it is the clearly-a-stinker-from-the-start off Paul, who Carolyn has lately pinpointed as a likely member of the Twelve thanks to his stonewalling on releasing Kenny’s telephone documents. Paul’s there to force Konstantin to determine out who experienced the Twelve’s accountant’s wife killed, all in service of obtaining out who’s been stealing income from the team. Since all of that is seemingly Konstantin himself, he’s in essence one particular collapsed lie absent from loss of life here. And none of that is even the worst issue that occurs to Konstantin in this episode! That would, of course, be looking at his daughter murder her harmless stepfather for no explanation other than dislike for him, a extremely unlucky passion she has obviously picked up from expending time with Villanelle. Which he will almost certainly blame Villanelle for, but of class it’s his personal choice of profession that brought Villanelle into his daily life. He’s also the 1 who manufactured positive Villanelle stayed on assignment as an assassin, so the simple fact that murderous conduct has now become element of his very own everyday living is as a great deal his have doing as anyone else’s. It’s not especially possible to preserve your fingers clean up in the company he’s in, and his hope that he could get his daughter out unscathed was usually a quite hopeless 1. G/O Media may well get a commission Villanelle, in the meantime, is clearly still reeling from what took place with her mom in the previous episode, and finds herself starting up to battle with the career she’s picked out. It all will make her go from her biological mom straight to her surrogate mother, Dasha, who could have experienced an illustrious previous but is plainly a little bit of a screwup now. The most apparent signal that Villanelle did not assault Niko is that he survived.

Hulu's The Great is a gorgeously delirious mashup of historical past

Photograph: Hulu TV ReviewsAll of our TV evaluations in a single handy place. The latest in a line of extremely irreverent period pieces, Hulu’s The Great takes inspiration from its Russian empress namesake and, extra usually, the lives of brilliant women sure to exceedingly mediocre males. The caustically funny miniseries is a decidedly ahistorical romp; whereas The Great does construct conventional power structures and settings, creator Tony McNamara’s (co-writer of The Favourite) attitude toward a trustworthy recreation of late 18th-century Russia is neatly summarized by a 19-year-previous Catherine (Elle Fanning) throwing up a bloody middle finger. Underneath its abundance of wit is a narrative of ambition, and where we allow it to be nurtured. McNamara and his co-executive producer Marian Macgowan take many liberties to take care of a cogent narrative, even pruning a technology from the Russian monarch family tree. Throughout the collection, Peter II (in reality, Peter III, who abdicated in 1762 after a six-month reign) waxes semi-eloquent about his father Peter The Nice, while always struggling in comparison. His misguided attempts to continue his father’s work of modernization include banning beards for being physical representations of the previous Russia. Played by a gleefully disinhibited Nicholas Hoult, Peter is malicious, mercurial; able to real depth while being completely out of his depth. He has considerable energy, but no imaginative and prescient. Elle Fanning, Nicholas Hoult, Phoebe Fox, Sacha Dhawan, Belinda Bromilow, Douglas Hodge, Gwilym Lee, Charity Wakefield Hourlong interval comedy; complete miniseries watched for overview

Houseparty expands beyond video chat with co-watching of stay occasions

Houseparty, the video chat app that’s seen a surge of development during quarantine, is making ready to develop its service in a new path: co-watching reside video with mates. The corporate on Friday will launch its first experiential occasion sequence referred to as In The House, which can function over forty celebrities who will dance, speak, cook, sing, workout, and extra, over the course of three days. Viewers of the event will have the ability to sing and dance with Alicia Keys and DaBaby; cook with Bad Bunny, José Andrés, and Christina Tosi; workout with Cam Newton and Terry Crews; and dance with Derek Hough and Addison Rae, for example. Newer additions who had been just confirmed this afternoon include Katy Perry, John Legend, David Blaine, Lindsey Harrod, Gabi Butler, Snoop Dogg, CHVRCHES, and Dua Lipa. They be part of different members already scheduled on the In The Home web site, including Zooey Deschanel, Keegan-Michael Key, Tinashe, Miguel, Robin Arzon, Jermey Fall, Jalaiah, Roy Choi, Chef Mike, The Shoe Surgeon, Jen Atkin, Aquaria, Westside Gunn, Ralph Garman, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Craig Robinson, Justin Willman, Conrad Rocha, Kerri Verna, Cam Newton, Marissa Mullen, Dr. Woo, JB Smoove, 2 Chainz, and Neil Patrick Harris, The event will run from Friday, May 15 through Sunday, Might 17 immediately in the Houseparty app. To hitch in, you open the app when the content material is stay. As soon as there, you’ll see a billboard for the show that’s presently airing. This billboard will appear 30 minutes earlier than every broadcast so you may subscribe to the event and receive a push notification when the present begins. These reside streams aren't meant to be watched alone like other stay videos often are –the place users can solely participate by typing in group chats or sending digital likes. Instead, the idea is to hitch your pals on Houseparty in a bunch video chat, as common, then tune into the stay content material and watch collectively.