Facebook may have to sell Instagram and WhatsApp because of the lawsuit

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and nearly 50 states filed a lawsuit against Facebook, accusing it of using anti-competitive strategies against competitors. With two concurrent lawsuits filed on December 9, Facebook became the second technology giant, after Google, to face a major legal challenge this year. In October, the US Justice Department also sued Google for using market power to obstruct rivals. These lawsuits show that bipartisan parties in the US are increasingly united in holding Big Tech accountable for business conduct. They also mark the rare harmony between the Trump administration and the Democrats. Many US lawmakers have always supported the idea of splitting Google and Facebook. Yesterday's lawsuit accuses Facebook of acquiring rivals, focusing primarily on the 2012 $ 1 billion acquisition of Instagram photo-sharing app and 2014's WhatsApp messaging app for $ 19 billion. US state and federal officials said these M&A cases should be reversed. This move could spark a long legal battle, as they were approved by the FTC many years ago. "For nearly a decade, Facebook used its dominance and monopoly to thwart smaller competitors and stifle competition," said Letitia James - New York Justice Leader representing the 46-state coalition. know. James argues that Facebook buys competitors because they can threaten the company's dominance. Jennifer Newstead, a Facebook advisor, criticized the lawsuits as "wanting to change history" and that antitrust laws weren't designed to punish "successful businesses". She said WhatsApp and Instagram have been very successful thanks to the billions of dollars Facebook poured in to develop. "The government is sending out a warning to businesses that no deal is completely terminated," Newstead said.

"Does your child still believe there is a real Santa?"

My sister said yesterday: This year, I do not have to surreptitiously buy gifts, and then surreptitiously wait for my children to sleep and order a gift on the bed like every year. Because a few days ago she asked if this year I wrote a letter to Santa Claus asking for a gift, the boy looked at his mother and said loudly: "Please stop fooling me, I know there is no Santa Claus. I bought and hired people to pretend to be a Santa Claus. This year I let you go buy gifts with you, let me choose gifts for you. " When she heard that, she didn't know whether to be sad or happy. My daughter is in 2nd grade this year. For several years now, every Christmas I have sent letters to Santa Claus. When I was in kindergarten, when I was illiterate, I would read my wish to my mother to write letters. When I entered 1st grade, then this year it was 2nd grade. The letter I wrote myself, put it in a sealed envelope, and stopped me from reading it. I still believe that if I am good and study well, on Christmas night, when I am deep asleep, Santa Claus will come and give my desired gift. Have you ever wondered to me why your mom says Santa isn't real? Why do you say that Santa Claus only shows up when children are fast asleep, but I see Santa Claus riding a motorbike on the other street? And I have to find a reasonable explanation so that he can still believe in the miracle that many children your age do not believe anymore. Last night, while waiting for my children to learn English, my husband and I took advantage of being Santa Claus picking gifts. The gift I wrote in the very meticulous letter was: "I dream of having long silver earrings, each with a flower and a heart shape. The flower has yellow pistil, rose petals, and fruit. red heart ". The two "old people" who walked around the stores could not find a pair of similar earrings. In the end, she chose another couple and prepared the reason for the gift that did not match her description. My neighbor told me to hire a Noel gifting service so she could not sign up for it. But I no. She said: "You keep fooling it and show it to tired people. I am the one who told you straightforwardly: That this is a holiday imported from abroad, and Santa Claus is because people pretend to give gifts. What gifts do you like for your mother to buy? The old man will bring them to your house. That's it, there's nothing to be fussy about. " Maybe I have a slightly different mindset. I don't take it as too much of a child deception. I also don't feel tired but consider it a joy, a happiness. I always want my children to believe in the miracles in this life until they are old enough to realize the reality is not as shimmering as a fairy tale.