OUAT Reactions S4E4: The Apprentice

Hello and welcome back everyone, let’s just ignore the part where I missed a week and get to the reactions we’ve got this and another one coming up so let gogogo!!! . . . . . GOOD . . . . . ● OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GGGGGODDDDDDDDDDD WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN ● Loved getting to see Zoso even if just for a second, it adds to the mythology of the Dark One. Before everything Rumple’s done has been for himself for personal reasons or gain, this time it’s something more connected with being the Dark One because other Dark Ones before have tried to obtain it which is much more interesting to me. ● Abso-freaking-lutely LOVED Emma asking Hook out. Obviously not the Captain Swan part but I love that she’s written as an individual and not playing into stereotypes about how women are supposed to act. Even calling it out with Hook saying he should be the one doing the asking and her just sort of scoffing, but still being her natural awkward Emma self. It really fit with the character and it was a really strong move for a TV show that has the kind of attention Once does. Four for Adam and Eddy, on did that one good. ● Liked Anna a lot more in this episode. Just as I was hoping/expecting, the initial scenes were forced and awkward and she just needed some more time to easy into the character and own the personality and while I don’t think it’s there all the way yet, it’s much better here than in the previous appearances.

GamerGate and Brianna Wu

This is a really complicated, messy, volatile collection of issues so let’s break down some facts about what everyone’s talking about with this #GamerGate business. Brianna Wu is a game developer for Giant Spacekat who worked on Revolution 60. Being a woman involved in the video game industry is always a risky business, and when she chose so speak out against sexism in video games the hoards descended. Wu’s comments were in response to the harassment of Zoe Quinn, a fellow game developer who worked on Depression Quest, and who’s ex-boyfriend made numerous unsubstantiated allegations of of unethical journalistic practices. This is the part where GamerGate comes in. After Wu made these statements, members of the widespread disparate group began harassing her as well (they had already been going ten rounds with Quinn and several other prominent female game developers and feminists). This harassment escalated into some very real threats (picture 2), and at that point Wu and her husband decided to call the police and leave their home. GamerGate has not claimed credit for the threats, but they also aren’t doing anything to disassociate themselves from extremists like this, nor have they spoken out against the threats made to Wu. An important thing to keep in mind is this is not NEW issue. The harassment of Zoe Quinn started in December of 2013 and GamerGate has been around and making noise for 2 years already. One reason GamerGate is maintaining steam is big name support including actor Adam Baldwin (yes, Jayne from Firefly), and frankly when Seth Rogen, the man who thought making date rape a joke in Observe & Report was a tasteful choice, when even he tells you're a “f***ing idiot” (picture 3) you’re doing something wrong. This is an issue that I care deeply about on a very personal level. I am a woman and I love video games. I also love freedom of speech and freedom of expression, and I really love freedom of the press. What I do not love are man-child idiots making threats against women for exercising freedom of speech in calling out sexism in video games. Whether sexism is an issue in gaming is a topic that can be debated, but harassment, hacking, and threats are not debate they are criminal. I’ve included some really good (but very biased) articles that I highly recommend to learn more about the historical context and ongoing issues that have lead to the #StopGamerGate2014 campaign.

ASD: Basic Info and Signs To Look For

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder that, put in the simplest terms possible, impacts an individuals ability to communicate. ASD typically presents in children during the first three years of development. Autism has a defining set of behaviors, however it’s a "spectrum disorder” because it includes a wide variety of symptoms and affects individuals in many ways and to different degrees of severity. To quote the Autism Society of American’s website: "Some of the behaviors associated with autism include delayed learning of language; difficulty making eye contact or holding a conversation; difficulty with executive functioning, which relates to reasoning and planning; narrow, intense interests; poor motor skills’ and sensory sensitivities.” Keep in mind though that because Autism is a spectrum disorder, a person may experience some of these, all of these, or none of these and have other symptoms or behaviors. And the severity of the behaviors will vary depending on the individual. At times it can sound pretty hopeless for someone diagnosed with ASD, but there are hundred of thousands of people "on the spectrum" who are able to function in society successfully. This can include achieving advanced degrees, holding successful careers, even finding love and raising families. One way you can ensure your child achieves a successful life is to get them the help they need EARLY, which means identifying early signs of ASD. Here are some signs to look for in your child. ● Lack of or delay in spoken language

Doctor Who Gender Representation Infographic

This is a really excellent infographic a friend of mine showed me illustrating how female representation on Doctor Who compares between New Who’s two leading men, Russell T. Davis and Steven Moffat. Now it’s no secret that I hate Steven Moffat, I won’t even try to deny it, it’s just true. This graphic represents one area that I find him lacking both as the executive producer tasked with managing the direction and tone of Doctor Who, as a writer for the show, and as a person. The graphic details some interesting statistics about four of Doctor Who’s leading ladies (as you can see it does’t include the current companion Clara) Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, and Amy Pond, as well as guest companion River Song. The graphic also incorporates data from other female characters not included in the imagery. Now I will be the first skeptic to ask what the measures for statistics like this are, so let me explain the Bechdel test for anyone unfamiliar. The Bechdel test was created by cartoonist Alison Bechdel in the 80’s and has three simple criteria: 1) Are there at least two women in the book/movie/show? 2) Do they talk to each other? 3) When they talk is it about something other than a man?