Real UFO Or A TR3B Stealth Plane | They're Everywhere

The fact that TR3Bs and UFOs share similar characters in lot's of ways, means people are absolutely connecting the dots and making connections. They're silent, mysterious, triangular, whistleblowers have said the tech inside these originated in UFOs. What's your understanding of the TR3B. https://www.ufosightingsfootage.uk/2018/11/tr3b-stealth-craft-or-ufo-seen-all-over-the-world.html Is the TR3B an Ovni - UFO or a man made aircraft? This is a great UFO video guys. I ask that because it's back engineered from Ovnis - UFOs, so is it an Alien spaceship but still, made by mankind and it could be seen as a hybrid technological leap forward.
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US Navy Secretly Invents Anti Gravity Aircraft That Looks Exactly Like A UFO

This is the patent that was invented by an inventor working for and behalf of the US Navy. The patent is real guys. This posts has researched who, what, when and where with source links and our opinions also are included. It's just one of a handful of patents taken out by this specific inventor. He has created so.e very astonishing and bizarre looking aircrafts that DO NOT look or conform to traditional looking aircrafts. Certainly the technology inside of the aircrafts are exotic and and the US Government has this patent listed as ACTIVE until 2036. This looks like a UFO, it looks like a Triangle UFO to be specific. https://www.ufosightingsfootage.uk/2019/07/us-navy-secretly-created-triangle-ufo-see-the-patent-evidence-here.html?m=1
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Ovni UFO with blue light filmed from a plane window in the clouds.

I've seen lots of UFO videos in the past and this seems to not even come close to anything I've ever seen "not even close". I don't think that this is a real Ovni or UFO but the up-loader to YouTube is adamant that this is a real Ovni and that it's a real UFO. So, I thought I'd get your wisdom on this anomaly and that I'd share with you just what I think about this "event". This is probably a real video but it's a warning light on top of a tower? Or even on a mountain... https://www.ufosfootage.uk/2019/06/ufo-with-blue-light-in-clouds-filmed-from-plane-window.html?m=1
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