Discover Unique Flavor of Black Tobacco E-Liquid

If you are a smoker planning to try vaping for the first time, start with a black tobacco e-liquid. Despite there being hundreds of flavors to choose from, tobacco is still among the top contenders in e-liquids. None of the fruity and minty flavors can beat the classic taste and sensation that the traditional tobacco flavor offers. You can't go wrong with it. Here are more reasons to try black tobacco e-liquid: Tastes like the real thing Black tobacco e-liquid is highly recommended for those who are trying to quit smoking. It can help you transition to vaping because the vape juice offers an authentic tobacco taste that is close to that of a real cigarette, especially if it has high nicotine and PG content. Avid vapers who have completely moved on from smoking make tobacco e-liquid their go-to flavor because the taste is something that they can enjoy all day. With this flavor, you can successfully move onto a healthier alternative while still getting that kick at the back of your throat that you are familiar with. Blends well with other flavors Some of the best black tobacco e-liquids are not purely tobacco. Sometimes, manufacturers blend them with other flavors like honey to make the taste more interesting. If you want to be a bit experimental, consider trying black honey tobacco vape juice. It will let you discover one of the classic favorites' unique taste and enjoy a strong and smooth sensation in your throat. This vape adds a hint of honey to add a sweet twist. One of the things that you must understand is that not all black tobacco e-liquids will taste the same. Many brands claim that their vape juice tastes like real tobacco, but the truth is that they fail miserably in replicating that distinct and inimitable flavor. So, how do you know which one to buy?

Vape Juice Flavors – Every Interesting Fact You Need to Know About Them

Flavor is an essential aspect of vaping—it’s what makes the experience more enjoyable. As soon as vapers find their favored set-up, their next quest is usually to go hunting for their all-day vape flavor—one they won’t get tired of easily and will give them the satisfaction they want and need from vaping. If you are new to the world of vape and e-juices, it pays to learn about vape juice flavors and the basic flavor profiles that e-juices fall into. This will help you narrow down your options to flavors you are most likely to enjoy. Just the same, you have all the freedom in the world to try all kinds of vape juice flavors until you find your perfect match: 1. Candy-flavored vape juices – Candy is a universally liked sweet treat. It embodies tastes and flavors that resonate deeply with so many people, whether they have a sweet tooth or quite simply like the nostalgia of reliving childhood experiences. Candy-flavored vape juices tap into this nostalgic sense, which can trigger memories from a carefree time when we used to live for delicious candy treats—all these, without the sugar crash and the risk of cavities. 2. Dessert-flavored vape juices – People who light up after meals find great comfort in desert vape juice flavors, which offer a much healthier alternative to smoking—and one that creates the same sensation and flavor essence as eating a real dessert. Imagine tasting donut, custard, pie, cake, ice cream, or cookie without the added calories! 3. Drink-flavored vape juices – Drink-flavored eJuices are also quite popular, especially for vapers who love getting hits after meals. Many e-liquid manufacturers recreate flavors of well-loved beverages to extend the same enjoyable experience to vaping. From teas and juices to sodas, and even liquors and spirits, you’ll find an entire range of drink flavors in vape juice. 4. Fruit-flavored vape juices – Many e-juice flavors are also fruit-based, the best of which bring the taste and sensation of fresh fruits to the vaping experience. Some popular fruit vape juice flavors available today include apple, peach, mango, banana, grape, pineapple, berries, and citrus fruits. 5. Menthol-flavored vape juices – Menthol-flavored cigarettes are quite common, which is why it isn’t surprising to find vape juice infused with menthol. Fans of menthol-flavored e-juice typically love the cooling sensation that the flavor brings.

Tigers Blood Vape Juice – Here’s Why It’s So Popular Among All Other Flavors

What’s in tiger’s blood vape juice that sets it apart from other e-juice flavors? If you enjoy the blood-red snow cone treat, chances are you will also enjoy a hit of tiger’s blood in your e-cigarette. What exactly is this tiger’s blood flavor, and why are people crazy about it? Tiger’s blood may sound morbid and gory, but behind its scary name is an exciting mix of flavors, none of which has to do with slaughtering a poor tiger for its blood. This exotic summertime flavor is actually a combination of strawberry, watermelon, and coconut—a fruity concoction that many people enjoy on a wide range of ice-based desserts and is now made available for vapers to enjoy in the form of tiger’s blood vape juice. Tiger’s Blood Flavor – An Origin Story As often as Charlie Sheen’s name may be tagged with the exotic tiger’s blood flavor, his tiger’s blood drink, made popular by a Today Show appearance is an entirely different flavor than the beloved snow cone flavoring—although it did make the snow cone flavor extra trendy. Sheen’s drink was, in fact, a mangosteen-based mixture as opposed to tiger’s blood’s refreshing, three-fold mixture of strawberry, watermelon, and coconut. The original tiger’s blood flavor, which many vapers now enjoy has been around for more than three decades, throughout which, so many people across the United States have claimed tiger’s blood to be their invention, which is why tracing its real origins can be quite difficult. However, many agree that the flavor most likely originated somewhere in the southernUS, as it first became popular in places like Florida, North Carolina, and Louisiana, before spilling out to other places, and becoming a popular Hawaiian shave ice treat. Perhaps what makes tiger’s blood extra trendy is the mystery behind its origins as well as its playful name, on top of its fresh flavor profile. The flavor’s name is believed to be derived from the luscious, blood-red color of the snow cone flavoring, which resembles animal blood. Apart from its distinct appearance, however, what separates this flavor from others is its exotic fruity mixture that is a perfect balance of zest and sweetness. About the company: