Living With Anxiety & Being A Blogger

Anxiety is an mental illness that is always overlooked.I personally feel that its not talked about enough, and that it should be taught in schools to prepare people that are either suffering from it already or being ready for the future.I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder 4years ago, after struggling through my teens with exhausting panic attacks.This could of been prevented, if I was diagnosed earlier on and that I was able to confront the panic attacks, but instead I was told this was normal and that I should just get on with it.At the time, I did somehow deal with it, despite having the worry of “what happens when I have that horrible feeling again?” because back then I had no idea what it was and I thought I was going crazy.I was studying computing at the time and the coursework would get stressful, but it was part of my routine to wake up every morning to go to college that kept my mind distracted from the dreaded “panic feeling”.During that time, I started up my own blog because I wanted to help other people find products for there natural hair, because back then we only had access to U.S brands via Amazon or the hair shop.This stopped after around 8months, because I was in a controlling relationship at the time and my partner wasn’t liking the attention that I was getting, so I stopped it to make them happy. How I started up blogging again and why:I didn’t realise it back then, but blogging was also my way of coping with things and making others happy.Sounds really clique I know, but I love being able to help other people in any way that I can and just talking about hair products at the time seemed to be helping lots of people.I knew that I needed to get rid of the default template of my blog, so I purchased one off Etsy, which kicked off my blog straight away.I then changed it again in 2016, to something that was more personal to me style wise and what I’m all about.My anxiety between 2013 to early 2015 was up and down, because I had been pushed around quite a bit, and I always had my blog to come back to to keep me focused. If you look at my blog or my instagram posts, you will see a few differences between myself and other bloggers when it comes to taking pictures.One of the biggest, is that I hardly go to any events, especially if it involves a lot of travelling.This isn’t because I’m not interested, because believe me I really want to be there, but its that horrible feeling of “what IF this happens?”It may sound dramatic, but for anxiety sufferers its a thing we can’t just “turn off”.The second is that I don’t go and do a lot of location posts, but this was mainly around mid 2016.I have a really good reason for this one though which wasn’t just down to anxiety, and was in fact due to an accident that happened to a family member which caused a lot of stress and worry for everyone.I found it extremely difficult to focus on my blogging and I needed time away from it to care for that person. I wanted to use the picture of me and my kitten to show exactly how anxiety could affect me physically too.This photo was taken in 2014, and this is probably the skinniest that I’ve been.I had very little energy too, so when it came to taking photo’s back then, I would set my camera on video and screenshot my pictures in my room.On this occasion my kitten wanted attention, but you can see how skinny I am in this photo.Back then I didn’t realise this and looking at myself in that photo churns my stomach a little.I never saw myself as “too skinny” and actually thought I was fat, so seeing this picture is a real eye opener. The constant blogging thoughts influenced by anxiety: Blogging for some people is seen as a job or just a hobby.For me at the moment, its a hobby, because I enjoy sitting here writing up blog posts like this one and not wanting any money for it.I’ve only ever charged for work when a brand has approached me asking for a sponsored post or payment comes within the contract that we’ve agreed on.2016 was a really good year for me blogging wise, but my anxiety still got in the way for many reasons.One of the reasons which impacted me a lot, was being let down by the NHS, who kept pushing me about and not offering me the treatment that I needed.This is also linked to what I said earlier about a family member being in an accident, but my brain pretty much switched to “auto pilot” mode to cope with the situation.

5 Ways to Complement Your Chronic Pain Relief Naturally

Chronic pain can bring a person to their knees, and the worst part is that it doesn’t end. There may be temporary reprieves, but the chronic part of the equation means that the pain isn’t really going anywhere. So it’s no wonder so many people have struggled with side effects from prescription painkillers. But there’s some good news here. Prescription medications aren’t the only answer. There are ways to complement your chronic pain relief protocol naturally. In fact, there are at least five and we’re going to cover them here. Before we dive in, it’s critical to note that you should consult a medical professional before making any significant changes to your health and wellness routine, especially pertaining to altering use of prescription medications. 1. CBD Short for cannabidiol, CBD is one of many compounds in cannabis. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD doesn’t interact with the CB1 receptor, producing the intoxicating feeling of being “high”. But both CBD and THC work on the body’s endocannabinoid system, which plays many roles in bodily processes like appetite, pain and memory. A 2018 meta-analysis review assessed CBD’s ability to relieve symptoms of chronic pain by looking at studies that were conducted between 1975 and March 2018. Researchers concluded that CBD is effective in pain management for cancer and neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia. And the best news is that were unable to identify negative side effects to CBD use.

Vape Industry Top 10 Financed Enterprises List

Electronic cigarette is an electronic product which imitates traditional cigarettes. It mainly consists of electric core, atomizer and plastic parts. Recalling the development of vape industry in recent years, the whole industry has developed rapidly, and the capital is optimistic about the vape industry. Many listed companies, like Oceania Liquid Labs, e liquid manufacturing company also have a strong interest in vape. They believe that vape can compete with or even partly replace traditional tobacco, and there is a huge space for future development. At present, the main companies engaged in electronic cigarette business in China include Xiamen Intretech, Tianchang Group, Shanghai Shunho, Shenzhen Jinjia Color Printing Group Co Ltd, Smoore and Smok, etc. 2018 is the outbreak period of the market layout of vape industry, with the entry of multi-capital such as Source code, IDG and so on. However, this year’s CCTV 315 evening party exposed that electronic cigarettes also release harmful substances, endangering the health of smokers and passive smokers, long-term of vaping will also produce dependence on nicotine. This year, CCTV’s 315 party named electronic cigarettes, which triggered industry shocks, and is expected to bring about cooling down to the electronic cigarette investment market in a certain degree. Following are some financing data of the top 10 financed vape enterprises in recent years for Vape hk readers’reference: Vape Industry Top 10 Financed Company EnterpriseFinanced DateFinancing roundAmountInvestorBlue White Tech2015.9A50 million yuanJuxin,Ruisheng TObaccoLaan2017.11A6 million yuanYingnuo Angel, Development FundZhisheng2017.12Angel30 million yuanPersonal InvestorsRELX2018.6Angel38 million yuanSource code, IDGYibo2018.7Stratigic70 million yuanYihua StockGippro2018.7Angel10 million yuanTong ChuangIJOY2018.8A300 million yuanNot publishedEvove2018.11Pre-A20 million yuanDong Yu CapitalJUUL2018Public12,8 billion dollarAltriaMoti2018.12Pre-A10 million dollarZhen FundEUSN2019.2Angel10 million yuanPlum Source: New Seed, Investment, IT Orange, China Business Industry Research Institute

The science behind inhaling vitamins

In what is a true tale of Kiwi ingenuity, comes the story of Inhale Vitamins. Yes, you read right, we’re talking about the inhalation of vitamin-rich supplements like B12 through a vape. Before you react, read the science below to debunk a few misconceptions and myths about the new alternative to smoking. Are you ready to dump the nicotine and bad habits plaguing your body? If you answered yes you’re already a breath closer to a better you. With state-of-the-art engineering and all-natural ingredients, Inhale Vitamins are the “new kid on the block”. This revolutionary brand looked at the synthetic e-liquid industry and saw the potential for a healthier option to nicotine. Instead of chemicals, they created a 100% natural, vitamin-rich, herbal blend. Inhale Vitamins formulas are made from vitamin B12 and a range of herbal blends that can provide the user with various sensations. You can choose from Inhale Calm, Inhale Energy or Vita Babe. Each Inhale Vitamin diffuser has 1mg of B12 which is the equivalent of 20 x 50mcg daily dose servings of B12. Peer-reviewed studies going back over half a century indicate that inhalation is an extremely effective way of absorbing vitamin B12. After only one dose they indicate immediate absorption. The brand’s mission is to help people kick nicotine to the curb, but also go a step further by offering smokers a healthier alternative, promoting awareness of vitamins and the possibility of a healthy lifestyle. This is what they call the Health Benefit Journey – the path from toxic elements to slowly bringing in the healthier alternatives. inhalevitamins.com *Consult your doctor before use. If you have any allergies please get advice before use. Inhale Vitamins make no claims to heal or prevent any medical condition.
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