Dimitri Krainc Northwestern Visited Zhejiang University School of Medicine

December 10th-11st, Prof. Dimitri Krainc from Northwestern University, who was recommended by Zhejiang University Alumnus—Mr. Pin Ni, Senior Executive Vice President, Wanxiang Group, General Manager of Branch in the United States visited Zhejiang University. On December 10th, Zhaohui Wu, President of Zhejiang University, met with Prof. Dimitri Krainc. Two sides had an in-depth discussion about the cooperation in the Medical centers, drug discovery, and clinical trials. On December 11th, Ms. Zhang Meifeng, Development and Liaison Office, Zhejiang University, Prof. Xu Zhengping, Dean, School of Public Health; Associate Dean, School of Medicine; Executive Director, Medical Center, Prof. Xu Xiao, Associate Dean for Medical Education and International Affairs, School of Medicine had a meeting with Prof. Dimitri Krainc. After listening to the introductions of the School of Medicine, Medical Center, and Center for Neuroscience, Prof. Krainc put forward his opinion and suggestion on the layout of the Medical Center and the introduction of excellent talents. After the meeting, Prof. Dimitri Krain also visited Prof.Hu Hailan’s lab and the 2nd Affiliated Hospital, School of Medicine, and delivered a report on the molecular mechanism of Parkinson’s disease. Northwestern University is a famous private research university in the world, and it is a founding member of the Big Ten Conference and remains the only private university in the conference. Northwestern University is ranked 11th in National Universities in 2018 U.S. News and is ranked 20th in the 2018 QS World University Rankings. Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine is ranked top 20 U.S. medical schools and is one of the top research-oriented medical schools in the United States. Northwestern University Delegation View the original Source Google Scholar Page

Dr. Jay A. Johannigman accesses Lifesaving Equipment for First Responders

Western & Southern has received a grant from the Cincinnati Fire Foundation to bring battlefield medical technology to Cincinnatians who are involved in injuries or other emergency situations. Four Tempus Pro monitoring devices will be provided by Western & Southern to be deployed to emergency scenes. Tempus Pro allows first response personnel to share standard medical data as well as live-feed video with hospital emergency physicians in the region. Western & Southern is primarily a life insurance company. Jay A. Johannigman, a doctor aboard a helicopter medical transport in Afghanistan, used a 6-pound machine for transmitting vital signs to doctors waiting for them at a military hospital. Jay Johannigman was impressed by the Tempus Pro's durability and ability to transmit real-time information to the ground, as well as its ability to communicate with his medical colleagues. Jay Johannigman, the director of the Division of Trauma Surgery, University of Cincinnati Medical Center, is eager to see the results of these machines in his hometown. The Western & Southern Financial Group donated $100,000 to help the Cincinnati Fire Department acquire four Tempus Pros. These Tempus Pros are valued at approximately $20,000 each and will make it the first American fire department to adopt the technology. Jay A. Johannigman MD, University Hospital was instrumental in bringing this life-saving technology to Queen City. Dr. Johannigman was a member of the U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and witnessed firsthand how vital statistics in real-time can make the difference in life or death during the critical moments following an incident.