Business Intelligence vs Business Analytics

While choosing between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics, business leaders must do a comparative analysis of these solutions. Here are a few comparison points that will help you choose the right solution for your business. 1. Present vs Future Focus: Business Intelligence uses past and current data to make decisions about how a company should run in the present day. Business Analytics, on the other hand, uses historical data to predict what might happen in the future or how an organization can move forward. A present focus using BI is generally more useful for entrepreneurs who are satisfied with current business operations but want to identify ‘pain points’, increase productivity and streamline processes. But for those, who want to change any major functioning or business model, Business Analytics is a better choice to get useful insights. 2. Reporting and Analysis: Business Intelligence mainly focuses on collecting and reporting relevant data. The trend in analytics has been instead to provide people with the tools to get their own answers. BA lets people get in the flow of analysis, explore their data, and ask their own questions. 3. Maintaining vs Revolutionizing: BI is needed to run the business while BA is needed to drive a change in the business. BI focuses on creating operational efficiency via real-time data enabling individuals to most effectively perform their job functions. BI also includes analysis of historical data from multiple sources enabling problem identification and resolution.